sola – 13 [Final]

We see the aftermath of what the end result in Matsuri and Aono’s fight was and how someone has a new chance at life.


Overall, the actual ending result of the show was very nice. Sure there are plenty of things that could have happened and that maybe I would have like to see happen but really thinking about it, really thinking about what this show was about I think that this ending was really beautiful. It wasn’t really sad or heart breaking, but it really seemed to work. I loved what Matsuri said about pretty much getting Aono to accept Yorito’s death. If she didn’t she would have just killed herself again but she went on to live a very happy life. She changed into who she was before Yorito’s death. It really surprised me and was neat to see how cheerful and fun Aono was before any of the drama appeared back in the past. It really seems like she got her life back, she accepted Yorito’s death. All the time when she was Yaka living with paper Yorito was her not being able to let go, so really in the end it came down to giving Aono her life back, allowing her to live happily again without Yorito.

Now, I do have a bit of mixed feelings about Aono not being remembered still but really I think it’s for the best. I do think that the story is better off the way it ended, I really do love this ending because although it may not be all fairy tale with everyone living a happy life, it is meaningful and fits the plot and characters perfectly. The part I have mixed feelings about is that Aono kind of has to completely redo her relationship she had with Mana and Koyori, although that may not be a bad thing. Really it gives her a fresh start as I said above, she’s much more herself now so the relationship will be fresh and better. The one thing I noticed throughout the epilogue is it seems like Yorito and Matsui kind of live on in everyone. Although people say that a lot when people die it really seemed a lot more so here. Mana has a much bigger appreciation of the sky. She’s become obsessed with it and photographs it like Yorito and I really do think it’s great the way they handled it.

The end shot of the two cans was very fun and interesting. Although I think for the most part the ending was rather set in stone. They explained things and didn’t really leave it too much open. However those two cans I guess can leave a little hope for people I guess. I don’t really see it that way; I don’t see it as anything really being different. I think that the way they ended it its much better to have Yorito and Matsuri stay gone. The one thing I always say about characters sacrificing themselves is if they come back in the end it just completely makes their death or disappearance meaningless. They usually die for something and their death is meaningful, if they come back that goes away. Really for the most part I think everything is very well done.

Overall, I will defend this strongly, the ending was beautiful and really worked out the best for the plot. You may think it would be better if everything was fairy tale ending with everyone including Yorito and Matsuri alive and with everyone but really, what’s the point in that. The ending and series was great.

Final Thoughts:

This series was without a doubt my favorite show in the spring season and really it has left such an impact and I loved it so much that it will be part of my all time favorites. I don’t really have an explanation or justification for that, I don’t really need one. This show never ceased to make me excited and anxious to see what happens next. There was no other show this season or for a long time that made me so damn anxious and excited. Really, to me it was great. It was constantly exciting and the characters were so well connected with everyone that it made their interactions fun to watch but later on really important to the plot. They really managed to mix in, better then I could have hoped for the character relationships and romance with the exciting overall plot. It wasn’t even really the romance aspect alone, even the other connections were so well done and really integrated into the story that it made the exciting plot come alive. Anyone can just sum up a story but it’s not really good unless the characters that make up the story are interesting too. Sure the romance part was important between the Matsuri and Yorito connection but really I didn’t hope for or really see a chance or “romance” between Yorito and Aono yet I still felt for their relationship and situation.

As for characters I have to mention Aono. As great of characters as everyone else were Aono just fascinated me. Not to say she was my favorite character but the complexities of her situation and personality were incredible. She was really what made the show almost. At first when I didn’t guess Aono would be a part of anything supernatural I still thought she was going to be an important character, but one for support or something. I had no idea her character would explode like that into something just stunning. As more and more got revealed about her she just baffled me. Everyone else I more or less understood what they were coming from. However Aono went from being nice to seemingly evil to nice so many times it was amazing. I just knew during her times when she seemed to be on the bad side that there was going to be great justification for what drives her to do this and thank god there was because it made for one hell of an amazing character. It was just so complex and interesting. At the start it didn’t seem to be a good thing for her character at all to be so against Matsuri. She seemed crazy with keeping her away and until it was explained she came across as a bit of an unlikable character. However when more got revealed she became understandable. Till the end her emotions and reason for everything were just, sorry for repeating myself, but incredible. She cared so much about Yorito as her brother that she became a sacrifice in order to keep him safe kind of. Then really because of Matsuri everything in her life was torn away from her. Because she didn’t die the villagers burned down her house trying to kill her so they wouldn’t be hurt and Yorito died. Because they thought they needed to appease Matsuri Yorito died, then when Aono killed herself Matsuri brought her back because, as she said exactly, she was lonely. She pretty much cursed Aono with a life of immortality to live in a world without the one thing she cared about the most. Her hatred for Matsuri became so clear and justified. She tore Yorito away form her and was doing it again. Really, the complexities of her personality and situation just simply amazed me.

Other characters I have to talk about are Takeshi and Mayuko. Although they weren’t really as main of characters as Yorito, Matsuri, and Aono their individual story was very interesting and touching. Although at first they started out as part of the main plot really, since Takeshi was going after Matsuri. However once things shifted to dealing with Matsuri and Aono they emerged as being really side characters. Still, their final episode where Takeshi pretty much stops going after Matsuri was incredible. It really didn’t serve much point in the main plot. Aono and Yorito’s identities were already revealed and it was a battle amongst the three of them. Still it concluded their own individual story. The kind of love and relationship that Takeshi and Mayuko has stunned me. Not the kind of love like I wish there would be some actual relationship between them. I’m fairly lolicon enough but that’s not really what I was hoping for or what I like between their relationship. The way Takeshi just took care of Mayuko and the two of them stayed together just the two of them pretty much though the huge majority of their lives just really hit me and I saw it as being amazing. Impact on the plot or not, their individual arc was amazing.

One of the odd comparisons that I seem to have formed in my head about near the end of this show was that sola is kind of like another show I watched and blogged, Zegapain. Now, not really on the surface its not. Hell, Zegapain is a mecha show and everyone is in a virtual world kind of and they don’t have real physical bodies, it gets really technical and weird. But the connection is in how open and how many possibilities they left available right until the end. In many shows you pretty much know what’s going to happen. It still may be fun to see how, and you may not know HOW but you pretty much know, so and so will defeat so and so or whatever. However the way Zegapain ended, the universe and situation was set up so anything could happen right up until the very second. It really seemed to be the same in sola. Right up to the last episode I didn’t really know what was going to happen. Sure I had plenty of theories but they had so many supernatural things going on that anyone could have turned human or died and disappeared, memories could be replaced or erased, entire plots could be started over. Anyone could die and disappear and anyone could become normal and human and it wouldn’t really be a stretch of the story or that hard to explain how. They would still have to do it but almost any ending wouldn’t have hurt the overall series that went into producing it, which really leaves for the show to be mind blowingly exciting throughout.

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  1. Finally its over, I admit i always listening Mellow Melody (full version) and Binkan na Fuukei (Zafi’s Rain Mix) this song looks sad.

    Whats your future plan for the next blogging?

  2. I alo thought the cans at the final scene were a bit ambiguous but as many has already said, it doesn’t change the over all ending its just something they left the audience with.

    Nice analysis and thoughts, =D

  3. What is there to not like about this show? It is quite obvious they have alloted more than adequate amount of time, attention and funds into this series. Lets see, character design by Nanao Naru, scripts by Hisaya Naoki and, of course, Ai Mai and Noto Mamiko. If that wouldnt qualify for a winning formula, I dont know what else would :p

    But to be honest, I skimmed through your remarks and will reread it now :) I have came across your blog quite a few times in the past and noticed how similar our tastes are – the series being blogged here are more or less identical to the list that I end up watching in every season. Notably, I totally agree with you on lucky star by and large; rather I was kinda shocked how the show wasnt so well received among the english speaking blogs..

    As a vanilla-sama worshipper, I must say that pic in your self-introduction is very appropriate. Besides, I

  4. … (continued) love that yumemi banner, what a sad, lovely little game that was..

    Anyway, care to share what you have on your mind as for what to watch from the upcoming july season?

  5. I haven’t really had a good chance to look at the upcoming shows. It just recently dawned on me how fast the new season was approaching. I’ll have a post soon about the shows for the next season, however there is always my Anime I’m looking forward to page which includes shows for next season and ones god knows how long away.

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