Lucky Star – 12

Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa go to ComiKet and then visit Kagami and Tsukasa’s family shrine for New Year’s.


This episode was great. Especially the whole first half where they were at ComiKet. The rest of the episode was a bit bland so all in all it was an ok episode. The entire time at ComiKet I found it hilarious. It was just great the way Konata planned everything out like it was a battle, designating areas and paths and just everything. I’ve never been to ComiKet or anything like that so I don’t know what it was really like but just the way Konata was handling the situation was hilarious. Another big plus for this episode was Konata’s dad. He’s really been appearing a lot lately and he’s really been a hilarious character every time he appears. The bit about him really only going to the shrine to see shrine maidens was great and I loved how he gave Konata her allowance because she ran around doing clichéd and typical daughter things for him. As I said the second half of the none ComiKet part, but it was still pretty funny. It was really mostly just the whole shrine and New Years thing, but was fun to see Kagami and Konata in their shrine maiden outfits.

Although Lucky Channel itself wasn’t really funny, it was rather short and without really any reaction from Akira it was boring, however I found that Akira’s “appearance” in the show was hilarious. When I first saw the cardboard cutout I thought that it would be something like that’s what the producers meant or something when they said they would put Akira in the show. Then when people paid absolutely no intention to it, knocking it down and tearing the head off I felt so bad for Akira. It was really funny at the same time but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her. Although she is a spoiled character who thinks highly of herself and all, it still set off a bit of sympathy there for her. I just wonder if next Lucky Chanel will still be talking about this since Akira couldn’t say anything now, she may be better by next episode to freak out about it or something.

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