.hack//G.U. Vol. 3 Trailer Impressions and Theory Compilation (Post Vol. 2)

Well, this post is rather identical to my other post about the Vol. 3 Trailer, only this one has my theories and reactions based upon actually playing the game. You may notice it says, “Post Vol. 2” Anyways, that means that I’m going to try and direct all comments that have been going to the Pre Vol. 2 over here. The pictures are the same but the summary is updated to include me knowing characters better and so on. Plus the theory section is updated drastically. Not only is it my reaction to the trailer but again as the title suggests, its my theory compilation of the entire G.U. before Vol. 3 I can’t have many theories after the game, just responses. Anyways, without further delay, my complete summary of theories and points before Vol. 3.


  • We see a scene from Vol. 2 where Ovan reveals what’s in his arm. Which is an AIDA tentacle thing is growing out of his shoulder. He then attacks with three weapons making a sign around Haseo. Haseo is freaking out, confused and shocked.
  • We see a quick flashback to Vol. 1 where Ovan is helping Haseo up after he is first PKd when he first plays the game.
  • We see a pile of books in a white room. The camera zooms out and we see someone with crazy white hair sitting in a rocking chair in the white room that has several books. A sign on the floor and a broken away piece of the floor revealing blue glowing space.
  • We see Haseo, Kuhn, Pai, Endrance, Atoli, and Sakubo all walking forward together towards the serpent of knowledge.
  • We see some quick shots of what appears to be Sakaki standing on the platform that Yata stands on at the Serpent of Knowledge, with spiky hair flown back. Then a shot of a spear or blade in the air pointing downwards.
  • We see the unknown girl with white hair in the cathedral facing the altar and then turning to look behind him.
  • We see Haseo looking surprised.
  • We see a shot of what seems to be Sakaki standing on the platform in the Serpent of Knowledge, with AIDA marks on their body and their eyes closed.
  • We see a shot of what seems to be Ovan, his locked up arm free and being covered in a white glow.
  • We see a shot of Yata on his knees and looking at his hands in horror as his PC body degenerates.
  • There’s a shot of Skeith facing off against an unknown thing, perhaps Fidchell.
  • There’s an explosion of AIDA.
  • A shot of Sakaki looking down and grinning.
  • There’s a shot of someone standing alone, holding up a weapon and a HUGE cloud of AIDA above him funneling into the weapon. We see Haseo standing before something as AIDA explodes towards him.
  • We then see a huge sphere thing moving slowing and a metropolis which is likely Net Slum.
  • We see a quick shot of the white haired person.
  • We see Kuhn, Endrance, and Sakubo together all looking shocked at something above.
  • Ovan screaming as AIDA engulfs him.
  • Atoli screaming in desperation.
  • Taihaku looking down on something.
  • A shot of someone in cyberspace, I don’t’ know. Looks short and perhaps a skirt so maybe Sakubo, holding what may be a book.
  • Pai looking surprised.
  • A shot of Sakaki showing off a screen behind him, looking evil.
  • Haseo screaming, holding a powered up bracelet like data drain thing on his arm ready to attack.
  • There’s a black version of Skeith glowing red that puts his hand out, perhaps facing off against Haseo.
  • There is a really fast scene that confuses the hell out of me, we see some hexagons which may be a data drain and perhaps someone sitting in the middle. A view of white data lines and something traveling though it, there is what looks like a fat person, but could be normal, sitting on the Serpent of Knowledge, or a similar looking platform, holding his hands together forming energy while hexagons and data lights flow around him.
  • The guy shoots a beam of energy somewhere, it hits something I can’t tell and we see the tunnel of white lines again.
  • We see Corbenik holding a huge sphere with a canon like thing on it that could possibly be his arm, as the sphere and canon look AIDA infected.
  • We see several flying things and then Ovan’s eye and in its reflection we see some AIDA. Eventually the eye fills up with dark and Ovan looks at the camera.
  • We then hear a deep growl and four glowing lights appear. The thing moves away from the camera revealing the lights are on some kind of surface. Obviously Cubia.
  • We see Haseo standing alone in a large white plane.
  • We see a close-up of Haseo’s face, a chunk missing filled with static.
  • We see a shot of Haseo’s face being engulfed by AIDA. We then see him being struck by the AIDA and falling down, lying on the floor static’ing out.
  • We see Haseo in his third form holding his head while AIDA surrounds him.
  • We see a close-up of his face and he has symbols over his face like he is transforming, then the white of his eyes turn black.
  • We see a quick glimpse at Haseo glowing in some white outfit.
  • We see Ovan and there is a white glow in front of him, the white glow then explodes.
  • We see Haseo getting new marks on his cheeks, symbolizing his Xth form.
  • We see Haseo in third form looking at someone in a spotlight who is glowing and holding up something. It looks to be Haseo in Xth form.
  • Haseo is floating in darkness and a light appears before him.
  • We see a close-up of all of Haseo in his Xth form, white and glowing.
  • Two colored rings appear around a glow.
  • We see Haseo standing in his Xth for in a white room with some blue rings in the background.
  • We see a gameplay shot of Haseo pulling out his Xth form weapons, two guns.
  • There are some gameplay shots of Haseo fighting enemies with his guns.
  • We see a shot from first person looking at party members. The shots are: Shino and Tabby, Natsume and Piros, Balmung and Endrance, Sakubo and Atoli, Orca and Yowkow, Yata and Pai, Bordeaux and Fire Guy, Kuhn and Anteras, Silabus and Gaspard, Zelkova and Kaede, Sakubo and Kite.
  • More gameplay shots.
  • We see Haseo in a dark plane, creating a bracelet data drain shot, behind him a black Skeith rises. He charges forward and shoots the data drain.
  • We hear everyone saying I am here, Skeith all together. A new version of Skeith appears, white with kind of wing like things.
  • Skeith fights against some white creature.
  • We see a shot of Online Jack. Jack, the school teacher, and someone else are staring at a screen. We see shots of explosions and car pile ups, missile launchings. Then back with Jack a screen says Rebirth and there is a huge glow and explosion of light.
  • We see a flashback of Haseo in 3rd form looking at the cathedral. We then see other various quick shots of Vol. 1 and 2.
  • We see very fast shots of Ovan looking up somewhere, an explosion of AIDA that rips a hole in the air and Sakaki comes flying down with energy around him that looks like wings, screaming, Ovan looks up and looks horrified and shocked, screaming as some light hits him from above, Haseo in 4rd form holding onto his head, Haseo jumping up and data draining, Haseo dashing forward, covered in symbols and glowing.
  • We then see a shot of someone in a wheelchair with long white hair. The hair strands are long and a piece is in front of her face.
  • We see Haseo in what is likely the cathedral, in Xth form shielding himself form something, Haseo in some plane calming himself getting ready for an attack.
  • We see Atoli and Kuhn looking up, Haseo screaming, Haseo jumping off something to meet with a floating spear blade in air.
  • We hear everyone yelling Haseo, while these shots run by: Kuhn with symbols around him, Shino standing in the cathedral, close up of Haseo in Xth form, Haseo screaming, Endrance with symbols, Shino again, Ovan’s face, the new Skeith, Atoli with symbols around her.
  • We see Shino at the altar and she turns and says thank you to Haseo.
  • We see Haseo eye opening, and he makes a stance in his Xth form with his guns, blue glowing energy around him.


One huge big thing is of course Cubia. It’s obvious that those red lights were Cubia; his groan was the same too. However, that really brings forth the question of why the hell is Cubia there. Cubia was always the anti existence of something in the previous games, which was the bracelet. Is Cubia still an anti existence? If so, to what? It could be that he is still the anti existence of the bracelet, because we do see Haseo able to use data drain while not in Skeith form. Or it could be something much more complicated like the anti existence of AIDA or Haseo himself. Either way it still seems like its rather out of the blue so it will be interesting to see what indeed part it plays.

Sakaki’s appearance is certainly intersting. At least, I’m pretty sure its Sakaki. At first I wasn’t sure because he certainly looks much different, I even thought he was someone new or something. However when I watched the other shrot preview and heard his voice I’m sure its him. whatever the hell happened to him is a big enough question. They never REALLY concluded his involvement, you just defeated his in game character and acted like he was gone forever. He’s gotten a major overhaul on his look so of course he has to be even more evil. The interesting question will be what kind of focus the game has given Ovan and Sakaki both being there.

Tabby is back! I was really hoping she would be back, because it’s not like she died like Phyllo did. I just hope they bring back Touta and Saburou. The party shots were really very interesting. Now, there is a possibility that those were all after beating the game, which means they are just kind of bonus. Yet if not, that leaves a lot of questions. First off Shino was with Tabby, so does Shino come back in the middle of the game then? If not then it defiantly leads to the idea that these are just bonuses. We also see all of the Azure Knights. It’ll also be interesting just to see why exactly you get to be party members with Bordeaux, since she’s kind of evil and wants to kill Haseo. Defeating her in Vol. 2 didn’t exactly make her any nicer or anything. As for Zelkova and Kaede, I can see them joining you since they are good guys but what exactly gets them to the point where they join will be interesting as well.

The new Skeith. Now that looks cool. From the trailer, the impression I got was that the new form was some kind of joint effort between everyone. We heard them all yell I am here Skeith, and so it’s almost like all of them together are that new form. It looks really cool, and very different. Which kind of fits since Haseo’s Xth form is very different as well.

Haseo’s Xth form raises another question, how the hell does he get it? It’s obviously something abnormal; first off a normal Multi Weapon class only gets three forms which are chosen at character development. So that means that his Xth form is something that isn’t normal…so how does he get it?

Taihaku’s appearance raises a questions too. Vol. 2 ended with two cliffhangers really, Ovan appearing in the cathedral and then Taihaku being attacked by something. Whatever it is it leads to Taihaku being important in Vol. 3, which would explain why he appeared in the trailer. He says something like “What did the Forest of Pain show you” so perhaps they will get back to the fact that both Haseo and himself saw some weird Herald thing.

Overall Impressions and Theory Compilation:

Ovan is of course is the most interesting and mysterious character I think. He has just continually blown me away with how complex and important he is. The previous games never really had any character like him. The enemy in IMOQ were really really weird monstrous figures and they didn’t have a personality or connection to the other characters. Ovan has a real personality and back story. He’s mysterious and its really unsure if he’s really “evil” or not. One of the interesting lines in the trailer was Ovan yelling “Must I be deprived of everything?” It really shows that he may not really be evil. He’s trying to do good and that makes him so much more interesting and the entire focus of a good guy or a bad guy is really smeared by him and I think its just amazing so his part further one will continue to be one of the most important parts.

Aura of course is a topic because really, she’s the whole focus of really the entire .hack universe. Everything revolves around her somehow and it will be interesting to see how exactly things are linked back to her. After all, her disappearance is what lead to G.U. being started and if so now that pretty much all of the Epitaph users are together, will they somehow make Aura or recover the original one? Either way something has to happen regarding her or at least explaining something about her.
One of the big things is still who people are. The thing about .hack that makes it so great is how it connects to other installments. I already know who Zelkova and Taihaku are in G.U. I didn’t really want to or mean to find out but I did. Well, until I confirm it by playing its not for sure, but I believe what I heard. It’s also common knowledge that Endrance is Elk and Kuhn is Sieg. Although technically these haven’t been confirmed in the actual game but they are obviously true. However that still leaves a shit load of people. Some people are no one obviously, Sakaki and Atoli all aren’t old enough to have been anyone in the previous games or anime except Sora, who doesn’t play anymore so no one is him. A list of people in GU or Roots that I think can still be people from the game are as follows (includes people who I know who they are)

  • Anteras: He seems pretty knowledgeable about different things. Phyllo even gave him a message about the Legendary Weapons. That first ties him to a very important and interesting character, Phyllo, plus the Legendary Weapons are all tied to the whole Epitaph and Avatar thing, so even though he’s not an Epitaph User he was let in on something about it.
  • Ovan: Come on, who’s more odd and mysterious then Ovan? His obsession with the Key of the Twilight may be spawn from something. Even if not, he has an unusually good grasp on the AIDA arm he’s got and what it means, plus the fact he has a history with Phyllo and Yata.
  • Yata: Oh come on, he’s gotta be someone. He knows like everything, the fact that he is basically one of the people in charge of GU he likely knows more about whats going on with Avatar’s and why, the history of it and so on then anyone else in the game. He also mentioned in Roots that he knew what Virus Cores were, that means he not only played the old game but came into contact with them which normal people not involved in Kite’s escapades would. OH! OH! THAT REMINDS ME! I was so damn pissed off when the Virus Cores were called like Data Seeds in G.U. In roots they called them Virus Cores which gave a huge connection to the other games. In Roots and G.U. they are boht palced into the pillars and both do the same thing, so they are the same item they just stupidly renamed them.
  • Pai: Working with Yata and her age are primary the reasons I think she could be someone. Plus being an Epitaph user increases her chances of being someone important.
  • Gabi: He seemed very calm about things even when odd stuff was hapening. He also knows Ovan rather well it seems. He was chatting him up really friendly and evne said soemthing about the AIDA server being like an observation room. How the hell does he know about AIDA? Because of his weirdness and connection to epoeple he could be someone.
  • Taihaku: Well I know who he is, honestly without finding that out by accident I wouldn’t have included him for any particular reason, he just seems to have a big part and likely much bigger to come. Plus he was talking with Phyllo like he knew him and seemed to handle talking to the Harold thing perfectly fine.
  • Zelkova: I also know who Zelkova is but unlike Taihaku I always thought there was something a little fishy about Zelkova. For one they mention how Zelkova has these horns and that normal players can’t have something like that, which means Zelkova’s a hacker. Plus he seemed to know a lot about what was going on, such as saying things like Haseo’s progressing. Even though Zelkova isn’t an Epitaph user, he knew about G.U. or something.
  • Kuhn: It’s been said before that Kuhn is Sieg, which I had guessed as a possibility but hadn’t became as concrete on it as i was Endrance. it does make since, Sieg was one of the coma patients after all and it would easily explain why Kuhn was so adamanet about suign the Avatar power properly, being a fist hand victim of a comma. Hell, I’m surprised he wasn’t more scared to death by just freaking hearign or seeing Skeith, as he was the one who sent him itnot a comma in the fisrt place.
  • Endrance: If you don’t think Endrance is Elk then you a retard. Honestly how many more connections do you need. The VA, the connection and talk of Mia, the connection with Mia’s avatar, all his ranting about loosing “her” The one thing I REALLY hope for is Endrance will show somehow that he recognizes Azue Kite or something. Elk was one of the few party members that was more important to the plot then the others. Elk, Mistral, BlackRose, and Wiseman were all more important then the others so I’m hoping to see some connection to the previous stuff actually shown.
  • Saburou: Saburou is one of my favorite characters just because of how interesting she is. (I’m using gender based on the PC) I always loved her using metaphors for everything but she seems so important of a character in Roots. I mean hell, she first hand saw Haseo’s fight with Azure Kite. Plus she was always looking over him, then even said one way or another what happened to him. She could easily still be playing and watching out, I just really hope she appears alter on. Because of her connection with TaN, both Yata and Pai I thk she has a possibility of being someone.
  • Touta: Again, he was a very smart person and had a lot of connection to Haseo. especially after he came back as Touta he was more involved with Phyllo and figuring out what was going on. He wasn’t as into GU as Pai became, but he branched off and became important still. I want to knew what his message from Phyllo is.
  • Midori: Something about her has me intrigued. She saw Azure Kite and Ovan fight, perhaps she was so freaked out that she saw Azure Kite because she knew Kite. Also seemed to be included a lot of such a minor character. However since they haven’t included her at all in G.U. it may be just a wish.
  • Phyllo: I realize he’s 62, but some of the people in the previous games could easily have been really old. He knows a lot and knew Ovan and Yata (Naobi) before they knew each other. He has SO MANY connections. He was talking with Taihaku casually like he knew him, or used to, maybe they weren’t currently friends. Also just by looking at Azure Kite he knew that Haseo couldn’t beat him, perhaps because he knew Kite.

There are plenty of people that these can be. I’m sure there are a couple characters that will be introduced in Vol. 3 which could easily be people. A few people from the original games that could be these people are as follows.

  • Kite
  • Balmung
  • Orca
  • BlackRose
  • Helba
  • Lios
  • Mistral
  • Wiseman
  • Elk
  • Sieg
  • Alberio
  • Curl
  • Kazu
  • Any other .hackers (which are pretty much anyone who could have been in Kite’s party) I listed some individual ones above becasue they were a bit more important then the others, but doesn’t mean others can’t be included. (Also this doesn’t really talk about some that may appear as themselves, like I think Natsume does)
  • Random people from Sign (I include this bunched up because Sign was a while ago, likely not important so not as big of a deal if these people are playing. Sign’s story doesn’t connect as much to G.U. as the previous games either)

Along with people being revealed as being other people, one of the things I’m looking for in the coming G.U. volume is people returning. Mainly this relates to Roots, as there are several characters from Roots that disappeared but have a possibility of coming back. All of the characters would include Sakisaka, Gord, B-Set, Tabby, Shino, Touta, Saburou. However there is a very slim chance of Sakisaka, Gord, or B-Set coming back. In fact, I think in a way it would hurt the story, mainly because they had a reason for leaving, them coming back would go against that reason and make their character less important. Shino and Tabby are confirmed really as coming back because of their appearance in the trailer. Touta and Saburou have a good chance of coming back, and in fact I think that the story would really benefit from them coming back. For Saburou, they never said what happened to her. She would STILL be playing the game, I just want her to appear. Touta left, but he didn’t quit the game because of reasons in the game, per say, he left because he had other things he needed and wanted to accomplish. Touta is who I’m kind of worried about, as he was a great character. I’m also still really interested in what the message Phyllo gave him was. At the end of Roots they made it seem like it was such an important thing, and its definitily intersting. After all, Phyllo was such on important character it would be a wase if his part or influence in G.U. evne beyond the grave is limited.


Just to say again, I don’t want any spoilers for Vol. 3 period. If you’ve played Vol. 3 or seen the movies, read spoilers, and so on then don’t tell what happens. You can say things like it’s interesting or darker and so on but DO NOT ruin it for those who haven’t played and don’t want to be spoiled, like me.

86 thoughts on “.hack//G.U. Vol. 3 Trailer Impressions and Theory Compilation (Post Vol. 2)”

  1. Well I’m back from my break.

    P Dog: There was some conflict over just posting for the hell of it so if theres nothing to talk about or someone hasn’t been talking in a while you don’t have to talk just for the hell of it, at least make some conversation which is better then just yelling a random thing, even if its not necessarily post or topic related.

    tourshiro: it’s prbably the most official release date I’ve seen yet, well done.

    As for the best form, obviously Xth form. I hate 3rd form because it looks way too bulky. Xth form is more streamlined and shows the whole change in personality. Its no longer rage and revenge of power, its power of love and hope. Although the form is less big and monstrous, thats better because if it just got bigger and bigger it’d look rediculous.

  2. I agree with the whole Xth form thing. Also, I confirmed the release date. And why did no one answear my previous question?

  3. wait?
    so he has a Xth form?
    then does is his 4th form somewhat similiar to the Xth form?
    wow.. i can’t wait to play it!!

  4. yup what the lemur dog said.
    I have played jappanese version!!!
    Xth form pwns. I don’t know what they said unless they said the world or someone’s name :-).
    Honestly, i don’t know if this is a spoiler, but this is what I thought bout xth form. It is WAAAAAAAAAAAY over-powered. Man if anything gets in your way while your in xth form, they are TOAST.

    Cap’n crunch RULES

  5. Apparently, since Xth form uses guns/daggers, you have a certain amount of ammo for use, so, you have to use it wisely

  6. I had to delete some of your comments sunshine because I’ve posted before that I won’t accept any spoilers about Vol. 3 and from just reading the first sentence it seemed as if you were giving that away so I had to delete it.

    Please, I don’t see why people just yell out the facts. Like Onitheris ranted about earlier, what’s the point? To show off that you know information? If people wanted to know that information they would look it up so please don’t just bring it forth when it could ruin the game experience for some.

  7. ok:D um my question goes into vol.2 of reminisce and im asking before i post if its ok 2 ask cause i dont want people going who did that? cause its near the end of vol 2 if its permited then i wont ask.

  8. You can ask a question if it spoils Vol 2, you can spoil all of Vol. 2 really but don’t just needlessly do so. Just no actual spoilers from content of Vol 3 or what you’ve read, only speculation.

  9. ok! i was woundering when after the battle with sakaki u know when ovan gets kites arm and reveals himself as tri-edge did he use aida or that thing on his shoulder or does he somehow use data drain?wait can he use data drain?! omg! that would be aweful! i totaly love kite/azure kite so if he did id be pissed! i hate ovan!

  10. I’m pretty sure he used the thing on his arm, givent hat we previously saw him unlock it when he faced off against the three Azure Knights.

    And please don’t say you hate Ovn. People are misunderstanding his character so much I think. He’s really the most interesting character in all of .hack because he really has a complex situation. First off Azure Kite didn’t go into a coma or anything, not even revealing anything about Vol 3 but in Roots Ovan defeated Azure Kite once before and he came back after regenerating.

    Ovan is such an interesting character because although he seems evil, its obvious there is way more to it then that. He’s not crazy evil like Sakaki is being really and after all he said his one goal throughout all he did was to get someone strong enough to kill him. If he were evil I don’t think he would really want to be killed. In the trailers the things that keep having me be in awe about his character are taht he yells stuff like, “Why do I have to be deprived of everything!” which really gives the idea that his character is not too well off, that he did all this for a good reason and some of the evil things like PK’ing Shino weren’t his fault really.

  11. Well, not like it controls him, but more or less he doesn’t have control over the arm. When he escaped from Yata’s confinement he appeared in the cathedral and Shino was there, it seemed as if he couldn’t control it killing her. Thats the only person he’s sent into a coma for all I know. Other AIDA did everyone else.

    I’m not 100 percent positive on what the stance is between the control from Ovan and the AIDA but I really don’t view Ovan as evil, kind of misunderstood.

    If you haven’t watched Roots, you really need to do so or at least look at my episode posts for it, they have summaries.

  12. i have watched the first few ep. of roots when it aired on cartoon network but i missed a bit because of my lack of sleep and now they no longer air roots so now im begging my mom for the dvds of roots i saw a little of ovan vs. azure kite but then i passed out. boo hoo.

  13. Yeah, I noticed that. Hello Everyone!! I’ve been so busy as of late, I haven’t had time to log on to the internet.

    So, it’s september 10th eh? I need to comlete the rest of those damn bike missions in vol.2 then & fast. (I have well over 6 Million GP so i’m good there! :) )

    Question: wtf was with the long-live lemur dog thing?!?!

  14. i dont know…maybe it was a hot dog or sumtin. I suck at bike missions. i thought it was november oh well september 10 is closer so damn i have to babysit more damn kids gettin in my room runnin around o well ill just charge more. bwa ha ha beware the .hack fangirl o but i aint crazy like saku.

  15. i got in trouble in algebra 1 for drawing a dot hack fancomic. i just cant wait! god time goes to slow when waiting for the awesomest of awesome games i keep screaming “REDEMTION!” my friends all wtf r u high? hell yes on aromatic grass! people, i know some of us have school and hella homework but say stuff on dot hack g.u. damnit in high on a.g. talk about umm Atoli or Tabby(shino,alkaid,and the old hag are ok 2) oh and if u talk about kite ill probably wake up the wole world just talk im begging ya o and on the topic i wrote Atolis my favorite.next to kite of course.hehe

  16. The ending of this game, however, is a let down. They missed an opportunity, early on, to make everything *truly* dark, halfway through the arena battles. Ovan’s motives are also somewhat…disappointing, too.

  17. i always get on my impressions on haseo (dont get angry) is that hes either emo or a manwhore there are too many picts and fanfictions on that. i just saw the opening again and i keep saying wheres azure kite?! man i gotta go the games telling me do da damn quest with a person! damn i hate meaningless missions unless its with kite! sadly i dont have his m/a boo!

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