D. Gray-Man – 37

Daisya, Kanda’s old acquaintance and partner in finding General Tiedall, tells his story about how he became an exorcist.


I wasn’t really expecting this episode to be so much a flashback. I was hoping it would be the two of them, three if you count the finder, actually finding the dam General. It seems like no one has even found their General yet, and it’s been over ten episodes since they started heading out. Even for a flashback episode, which generally don’t’ have plot advancement but character advancement, this one fell a bit short. It was talking about a character we haven’t even met yet. Although it’s good they are giving these minor characters some advancement, the guy with the bell is the same as Suman. They give us some good character development and then after one to maybe three episodes, they’re gone. I just think this episode could have been used for so many more things, all in all it was really rather boring and pointless. They could have done completely without and it wouldn’t really have left too much of a hurt on the show.

It seemed like the best part of the episode was when they finished talking about the flashback. Either the flashback itself was just too boring, which it was a tad, but for sure I think it went on for way too long. It’s becoming too obvious and hurting the show with how much they are dragging some things out right now. The show got the most interesting in the like three minutes after the flashback when they were actually talking in the order about what the Heart of Innocence was. Of course, the last bit did set up for what looks to be an exciting episode next, as we actually see them fighting against the Akuma they’ve spent three episodes talking about. I know I’m repeating myself a bit but its really getting a bit ridiculous with how much they are dragging it out.

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