Hitohira – 06

The drama research society club finishes up their summer training, dealing with whether or not Mugi will choose to stay after the falling out everyone had over Nono pushing her to try harder.


This episode was pretty good. It didn’t really have as much of the drama that the last episode had, and it really just kind of cleaned up after the drama, but I still found it interesting. There was still some of the same kind of drama here, but really it just repeated what had already been stated. Really, the episode itself wasn’t that meaningful but it was needed to kind of resolve everything after huge falling out. If you group this and last episode together, the two together were a great two episodes, probably the most interesting so far really dealing with some of the more serious aspects to the whole Mugi’s shyness thing. I wasn’t really sure they would make it such a serious topic. Shy characters aren’t really always focused on so it was kind of new to see how they would deal with it, and I’m glad they didn’t just keep everything as it was, that they addressed the issue of her being shy.

I said this at the beginning that there was a possibility of some relationship between Kai and Mugi, and although I hope for a romance to spring forth between many relationships in almost every anime, I think there is some potential for one there. I’m just not too sure about the likelihood. Not that they aren’t a good match, but I don’t really know how serious the show will get into any of that. It’s done a great job of showing the drama about acting, but that’s for the main plot. Any relationship will be second and I don’t know if they’ll get enough attention. There is another relationship that I really noticed a lot more in this episode, which is anything between Nono and Katsuragi. Don’t’ know his other name, just what ht hyper girl calls him by. When he looked and remembered Kai and Mugi together, he seemed alone then glanced over at Nono. It just seems like there may be a possibility of something there, and if they hint at something that may not be obvious for the start like that, I hope they’ll at least touch on the subject. Again though, this could all be me just wishing for romance where there won’t be. You’ll find in most of my posts that I want for characters to get together when they won’t.

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