Hayate no Gotoku – 13

Hayate takes a test to see if he will be able to transfer into Nagi’s school.


Wow, this episode was very good by itself and all, and had great funny moments and a tad of the touching ones, but really the only thing I can think of is how pissed off I am that Hayate didn’t make it in. I know it’s just an episode in some show but I was really hoping that he would make it in. It would make so many things much more interesting; it would open up a new setting for the show and make things much funnier. It would give a perfect way for the relationship between Hayate and Nagi to advance, plus give him time with some of the other more neglected characters. I can’t believe that he didn’t get in damnit. I’m a bit surprised at how upset I am of this, as like I said before a lot of the good comedy of this show comes from the pathetic’ness of Hayate and how bad off he is but it almost seems like this doesn’t really fit into that category. Plus, on top of all of this, As if that wasn’t enough, he’ll be fired for not passing the exam. Although I don’t thin that will actually happen, it’s still been said. Perhaps whatever allows him to stay as a butler may let him in, but I’m not sure. I feel so sorry for him and pissed off that he didn’t get in. I don’t know if it’s at the writers or at the reasons behind why he failed but still, GAH!

I suppose there is still a chance for him to get in, but really I don’t see it happening now. Not that I don’t still want it to happen. I feel that I’ll be almost even more pissed off next episode, because as the preview showed it’s basically a fake celebration of him getting in when he didn’t get in at all. That’s almost even more horrible. “Congratulations Hayate on achieving something that will bring meaning to your pathetic life…oh, wait a minute, you failed” especially at how big of the party it is. And although it’s kind of the teacher’s fault he did so badly, the sill took the test and failed so because of HOW he failed I don’t really see him just being let in. I don’t really think he could take the test again and I don’t see his reason for failing being enough of the teachers fault or enough of an outside influence to just let him in anyways. I’m almost tempted to try and read the manga so I can find out if he gets in or not because that’s all I care about now. Once the next episode is released I’ll probably even just fast forward though it to see what happens.

Even though I just expressed how mad I am at turn of events in this episode, I’m a bit surprised and impressed with the show at the same time. I really do feel strongly about this in the show, and it’s only a recently touched on topic/arc in a show, yet it could invoke these kinds of emotions. Definitely because of how well defined the characters are, but still surprising none the less.

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