sola – 12

Matsuri and Aono have a final showdown for Yorito’s sake, Matsuri stating that she will kill Aono and let Yorito disappear.


GAAAAAH! WTF WAS THAT!?! Ok, I seriously thought that this series was 12 episodes. I was expecting this to come to an end. I was watching the entire episode with he thought hat this would be the end of it all. Then, when the end came and it cut to the credits like that I FREAKED OUT. Seriously I like screamed wtf and became so confused, surprised, angry, and like almost every single human emotion at the same time. Thankfully I did regain my sanity when I saw that there was a preview thing indicating another episode. Still, that gave me quite a shock and I just wasn’t expecting it.

The shock of this not being the final episode aside, this episode was really great. I had theories on what was going to happen, one of them being that Matsuri was going to sacrifice herself, but the way they did this episode really made those theories fairly useless. They started out pretty much stating what the plan was and what was going to happen, that Matsuri would basically kill Aono and Yorito. Now whether or not that was her original plan or not, it wasn’t one of my theories as I didn’t really think it was going to happen. So they state what they are going to do is something I completely didn’t think but then at the end change it again, so even though they did something that I was thinking of, until it actually happened it was completely focused another way, which really did make it deathly exciting to watch and I was just glued to my monitor and chair while watching this.

What I was most surprised with, other then this not being the last episode, was the amount of flashbacks. I didn’t really expect them to be there that much but I’m really glad they were because it really finished painting the picture to why everything has the feelings they do. They’ve shown bits and pieces, and we know the general story but the flashbacks really explained exactly why Aono hates Matsuri. First because she was there the village needed a sacrifice, if she hadn’t been there the house wouldn’t have been burned down and Yorito wouldn’t have died. Plus, Aono would have been allowed to rest in peace as well. So really her presence took Yorito and her life way, plus when she was there she got Yorito’s attention so she was also dragging Yorito away.  They were just in a lot more abundance then I thought they would be, but it really worked out nicely as it explained why the feelings everyone had were there.

As for what will eventually happen epilogue wise, I really think most of the next episode will likely be an epilogue. It shouldn’t take too terribly long to show what happens so I think we’ll get to see a good chunk of that. The way I’m thinking now is that Aono and Yorito will become human. Although I don’t know why making Aono human would make Yorito human. They will then probably regain their normal lives and Yorito may eventually end up with Mana along the road because memories will likely be restored if they go back to their normal life. That ending is what I think is the most obvious, it’s kind of happy yet kind of not because Matsuri is gone, it’s bittersweet. However the way this show has gone I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be something different. I mean, I would kind of be surprised because it’s not the most obvious path but the show has done a great job of throwing in weird mysterious stuff while not having it be bad for eh story. Hell, Matsuri could have not stabbed Aono after herself, but Yorito or herself again to make her human. There’s a whole slew of possibilities, but it seems like a lot of next episode will be epilogue, after they first just plan show what actually happened in the five seconds after it cut off from.

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  1. No no no no no, god no. Its much more enjoyable to have this mystery. I may theorize and question out in the open, does’nt mean I want an answer to them without seeing them in the show :D

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