Nagasarete Airantou – 11

When Suzu catches a cold, Ikuto has to go up to the mountain to get ice so he is accompanied by Yukino and her loli MILF mother Kagami.


The first and main thing I have to say about this episode is… Kagami is freakin awesome! She may not be my favorite character as Machi is till a very touch contender, but if she’s not first she’s defiantly second in my favorite characters for this show. I just pray they show her more, my god was she awesome. She’s like, literally some loli MILF. I mean, she’s technically a mother and all and her age would and that would put her in the MILF category, yet her figure and behavior fits that of a loli. It’s like… some freaking dream combination or something. I don’t really know if a loli MILF would really be possible in many other situations, and combining different character niches doesn’t always work, but my god Kagami (Yukino’s mom if you didn’t catch her name they only mentioned briefly) is just pure win. Although, considering the show is really centered on Ikuto and the girls who all are his age about I don’t think we’ll see much more of her. Not even getting into if there is a chance for anything, as its obvious there isn’t , just her inclusion in the show in general is as limited as Rin’s mother and grandmother, which is a shame because they too are interesting characters, and Kagami just trumps them all.

Ok, loli MILF fan ranting aside, the episode was pretty good. Getting back to the point a bit though, it was partially as good as it was just because Kagami really as a very fun character and was in the episode a lot, so that helped, but it also did have some nice touches of showing how much Ikuto cares for Suzu and going on that path I think will make the show more interesting just because using the romance and relationship as a topic for these crises do, little by little, make up advancement for the relationship. I’d still lie to see some concrete real development there, but the way this show is I’m not really expecting it. Anyhoo, it had some Machi in it which can do nothing but boost the episode, so Machi and Kagami being in the episode really made it pretty great, so all around, even though it wasn’t really concretely plot related or dealt with the relationships seriously, you can’t really expect the show to do that because it’s not trying to. In that regard this episode was much more funny and just enjoyable to watch then some of the previous ones.

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