Lucky Star – 11

The girls all prepare for Christmas break, talking about their finals, holiday plans, and how long they believed in Santa Claus.


I liked the bit about how Konata and Kagami both studied for four hours, but to Konata it was really excessive and Kagami said it was hardly any time at all. I really think the dynamic between the two of them is what makes the show the most interesting. Miyuki and Tsukasa both don’t play anywhere near as important role I think then Kagami and Konata do, and only when they are arguing and such is it the funniest. I thought the bit about Sana Claus was pretty funny too, both Konata and Miyuki’s story about it. Miyuki really is included the least of the four girls so it was nice to have some content from her. The way she found out about Santa Claus just fit her character perfectly but it was still hilarious. Konata of course was weird and not really unexpected, but it was still funny. It doesn’t have to be surprising or completely new and revolutionary idea or anything to make the show funny. The story about the teacher was also pretty interesting, how she was getting old and the girls were talking in front of her basically saying how her life is hopeless, not knowing they were saying that really to her. I think they should involve her a bit more, as they have Cousin Yui who isn’t a “regular” and her parts are all funny, should give the teacher a chance too.

I thought it was pretty interesting about Akira going to appear in the actual show. I can already just picture her having a rather unimportant part and then freaking out when Shirashi says something to hint that she wasn’t very important. Even so I can’t wait to see where she’ll appear and it’ll probably be the main thing I look for. Asides from that announcement, this episode Lucky Channel wasn’t the best. Again it’s ok and it’s not like its bad. Its random comedy so of course there will be some bits that aren’t as good, it just seemed like it wasn’t as funny s the previous ones. They need more of Shirashi ranting about tsunderes and anime culture because that has been one of the funniest bits in all of the Lucky Channels. I did notice that Akira’s “Bye Bee” thing seemed to catch on. Not only did Shirashi use it in the Lucky Channel segment, but the main girls all used it too when they were saying goodbye to each other. I don’t’ know if its actually some Lucky Star thing or if people actually normally say Bye Bee, but I haven’t heard it in real life so thought it was a rather series specific thing.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star – 11”

  1. i love lucky star. im a konata fan. @@ nice pics you have there…. ah…

    Yes i definitely love Konata because she is somewhat similar to me xD

    and i love the song at the end. Doraemon song! lol!!

    btw i’ve linked ya. xD

  2. I think the way KyoAni draws some characters with an exaggerated detailed manner (like that man on the tube) is hilarious when compared to the exaggerated simplistic manner (the main characters). And yeah, after watching this episode, I have to say that Konata’s father totally ownz.

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