Hitohira – 05

The drama research club goes to their training camp at the beach where Nono reveals to everyone the play they will be performing at the cultural festival, staring Mugi as the lead actress.


This show has really, in general looking at the whole series, impressed me much more then I had ever thought. I didn’t really expect much from this show; certainly not to the amount ht it has already reached, without even being half over with. To start, the show was ok. It wasn’t the best but I decided to continue watching it just because it seemed like it was fun and interesting. It would be a nice relaxing and just fun show to watch. The characters were rather cute and enjoyable so at most it would just be a good time watching it. However the last few episodes and this one have really poured on drama while keeping that element from the beginning. It’s not fun and relaxing but at the same time still has an aria of serious drama to it. This episode in particular showed that and I think this can only hint at what we will still come to see later. I really didn’t’ expect it to have anywhere near this amount of drama to it, but not only does it have drama it doesn’t seem like its just tacked on there, it really is very extremely interesting.

As for this episode itself, like I said above it really just poured on the drama. It was even almost more unexpectedly in this episode then it was in the others I expected a training camp at the beach to be rather humor centered, while training also seeing the characters interacting and having fun, leading to more comedy. However I was just stunned when things started to al of sudden get serious when Mugi ran out and Risaki punched Nono. So many very important and serious things happened so suddenly at pretty much the same time, it was really a shocker but made this episode all the more important. Not just that, but it showed how serious this show could get. At that moment they didn’t just tell the story of some drama in the past, they had drama in the present showing that things were just easy going. Although the show showed that and it was really relaxing, having a serious moment like that happen in the present and not just be some event to explain why things are as they are really stepped this show up and I can’t wait for more episodes to be subbed and released. It’s really for a completely different reason then it used to be, as I don’t want to see it for the fun moments, I want to see how Mugi will overcome everything and how the serious part of this show will conclude.

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