Hitohira – 04

Nono makes a deal with the president of the drama club, Mirei that all her members will rank so high in the upcoming midterms, so the whole club holds a study session.


Nono really showed herself as a great character in this episode. Although the big enjoyment of the show still comes from Mugi, as she is the main character and her flaws and personality just make her funny to watch, they really made Nono much more of an interesting and funny character here. I loved the part where she was slumping though the halls acting evil and zombie like. The strange thing is though that while she showed that she was very fun to watch in the sense that her personality and what she forces others to do winds up being humorous, she so far is the character that has the most interesting back-story and is the only one really to show that she has something very serious going on with her. What I’m most interested in is seeing how this later affects her as a character and her role. They got out the information about her voice paralysis thing early, and it doesn’t seem like something that they would continually press every episode, so it’ll be interesting to see that part it plays exactly. It really seems like Nono is training Mugi to replace her. From what I understood, it seemed like Nono used to be shy or at least that she didn’t belong on stage like they mentioned, so perhaps when she started she was like Mugi. That would not only give a good focus and motivation for why Nono is doing this, bit would explain why Nono thought she could change someone who was so shy and who only had a good voice going for her would do well on the stage.

I was a bit surprised with how much progress this episode made. It really seemed to move along the plot and explain the situation really well. Although nothing really groundbreaking happened or anything, it explained the situation between Nono and the drama club, making it really tow episodes in a row where they have not pretty much completely explained the whole situation. It seems odd in the sense that there really isn’t anything more left to talk about, so I don’t really know what they are going to do for future episodes. They’ve already completely explained now between this and last episode. I don’t’ know if they will try to show anything or not but it just seemed like they’ve already covered a lot of ground. This episode really made the Dram Club seem less on the bad side. Although the rival club to the club in which the main characters are in, really it showed that Mirei wasn’t a bitch or anything, that she didn’t want Nono acting for her own good and I think that was one of the best parts of the episode.

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