D. Gray-Man – 36

Allen and Lenalee meet up with a group of finders on their way to find Cross, when all of a sudden they find themselves in the middle of swarms of Akuma heading somewhere and they have to protect the finders.


This episode was really full of interesting and weird things. One of the weirdest was Lenalee’s dream. I don’t’ really know what that foreshadows, but just the randomness and weirdness of it has to make it important. However I was likely most interested in the setting. That scene has been shown in the OP and EDs multiple times and the shot of her sitting in the red background with her knees folded was too. I really have absolutely no idea what it means but it has to be important. They showed Allen’s hand going under the water too, so it could have something to do with their relationship. Maybe not but it does bring me to the point about the relationship between Allen and Lenalee. I’ve said in many of my other posts for many series, I love to see romance appear in the relationships between characters even if that’s not the focus of the show. I know some people have pretty much told me that Allen and Lenalee will kind of get together from people who have read the manga, so I hope they’re right and I really want to see how.

One of the biggest things in this episode though was just the involvement of the Noah’s family. Previously, we really only just saw them meet and that’s all, we didn’t really see much of any of the characters personality or anything like that. Although nothing really happened with them, they all did get exorcist assignments so that will be interesting t watch. I’m most interested in Tyki though. The two retarded twins I don’t really care about and hope and think they will be the first to go just because it’s more fun to have an intelligent enemy then a crazed one like they seem to be. The big guy I don’t care much about either, although he’s likely rather smart for a big guy, Tyki still interests me the most. He seems the most collected of everyone and his little bit at the end about liking the other life he has with the manual works and everything was interesting. Although, he showed a really crazy evil face too so it will be interesting to see. I don’t really think he will be able to stay good and with his pals or anything like that, but there may be some interesting character resolution when his end comes.

Next episode seems to be promising, as it first deals with a new general, one we’ve yet to encounter. That alone would be interesting but it’s also the one seemingly, that Kanda is protecting so we’ll also hopefully get a bit of character development from his part too. Plus the weird exorcist who is with Kanda who we haven’t really been introduced to. He seemed to know Kanda rather personally when they briefly showed them meeting up a couple of episodes ago, so it will be interesting to see all three of those characters.

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