Hayate no Gotoku – 12

Hayate takes some free time he has to walk around the city when he runs into an old classmate of his who has feelings for him.


I loved this episode. I really have to say that I think a lot of the best content so far from this series has been that which focuses or draws the comedy from the romance and relationships. Although I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I love to see relationships in anime go somewhere, in fact I almost always want there to be something that actually happens. Even if nothing really does happen between Hayate and Nagi, I want there to be and therefore I really personally find the content that draws form the whole concept of how Nagi likes Hayate and Hayate warming up to her and such very interesting. Hell, it’s not like it’s impossible for there to be anything between them either. Really, there isn’t that big of a age difference so there shouldn’t really be any barriers there, and although Nagi may be too young for anything to happen, just because there’s a romantic relationship doesn’t mean they have to even imply that they have sex or anything, so I really hate anyone who tries to use the argument of it being wrong, because its not. Anyways, I just hope they continue to use content drawn from the romantic tension and relationships between the characters because I personally like it as I love the theme of romance, but objectively I do think it has some more funny and enjoyable moments as well.

This episode really seemed to pull a lot of content from the whole Hayate being so pathetic it’s sad. This has always been at me in anime that is very funny, yet hard to understand. The best example I can think of would be Sayoko from Mahoraba. (The manga, not the anime. Manga is soooo much better) Anyways, she’s such a great character but she’s so pathetic. Very poor, incredibly lazy, and always trying to kill herself, but like jokingly. It’s really hard to explain because on the surface it would seem that it’s not funny at all to see someone down like that. If you told someone that it was funny to see how Hayate was the most deprived kid you could image someone would call you a monster, yet it’s hilarious. It’s very hard to explain yet it seems to remain true, there is just something funny that comes from seeing someone so pathetic like that.

I’m really very very interested in the next episode and the whole idea and focus on Hayate going to Nagi’s school. I said in one of my earlier posts, go ahead and check, that it would be awesome if Hayate ended up going to Nagi’s school. In fact, I thought that that was going to happen or could have happened in an earlier episode involving the school. It would just make so many things much more available. The whole setting of the mansion is getting a bit over done and if Hayate goes to school with Nagi it will give a whole new setting, quick and convenient access to many very interesting characters, and I just think it would be really fun. I said before that it would be good if it happened, and was disappointed that it didn’t so I’m really looking forward to see it happen. Although I don’t know for sure if it will, but the preview dealt with it, if it actually happens and he goes there it would certainly be very very interesting.

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