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Mana worries about Yorito and what the truth is that he found out from Matsuri and when her classmates all of a sudden start forgetting who Yorito is, she freaks out and tires desperately to find out the truth.


Wow. This episode was, in a way strangely, exciting and very interesting. Really, not much happened except for people forgetting about Yorito, but still it made me so anxious to see how other things played out. There is still so much mystery as to what is going to happen. Mayuko talking about someone who’s going to be sacrificed really makes things interesting, as whatever happens it will be serious enough to warrant some real drama and plot. Although it ended off with Matsuri facing off against Aono, it still has room for Matsuri to sacrifice herself. I was thinking that a lot until the end, because of how nice they were being to Aono and how they gave her character justification seems a bit cruel to kind of betray her and kill her anyways. Still, Matsuri said how she and Yorito decided it together which could still mean Matsuri going, and Mayuko told her to make sure she doesn’t regret it. With him way they’ve set this show up, so much can happen and this episode really got everything ready so in the next episode it can all just explode right off the bat.

The one thing that I do have to mention, I will have failed this show if I don’t, is Mana. This episode gave a huge part to Mana, one which she very much deserved. Really throughout most of the series she hasn’t played that big of a part. I mean sure she’s been helpful in the plot, she’s not useless, but she’s just been there to advance situations conveniently, they haven’t really given any direct focus on her. However her scenes in this episode were just great. It really made me feel for her character. I hadn’t really thought of Mana as an option of winning. Knowing sola came from a game it seems obvious that Mana would be one of the possible endings, however just from the bit the anime has shown I never gave her much of a chance, and they never even gave it to her. Not that she has a chance now, but they really pointed out her feelings and made it clear how important of a character she is. They made her feelings for Yorito into something that was really there; they gave some drama about them and just altogether made her a great character in this episode where she otherwise came short a bit. I really care for her character a lot more then I did before and I desperately hope they give her a good end, be it with Yorito or not, they just need to give her some good closure. Hell, it’s not impossible for her to end up with him I guess given the whole sacrificing and what not, if Matsuri dies and they don’t have room for romance with Aono, she’s an option. So she’s not out yet because really anything could happen in the final episode.

I do have to say something really quickly about the music that was playing in the last scene of this episode. I haven’t really mentioned anything in any of the other posts about the music of sola, but it’s very nice and I just have to say something about the last scene’s music there because I really noticed it. Not to say the other music isn’t good, hell this same tune probably played somewhere else, but it was just really noticeable and made the scene much much more interesting.

I normally haven’t really commented on the previews for next episode, as most of the time they didn’t really say anything. This is one of the few shows that in the preview it pretty much tells you nothing about the next episode; it’s just a couple of characters slightly comically talking amidst themselves. However this episodes preview confused the crap out of me and I had to listen to it about twelve times. It was Mayuko and Koyori talking to each other. Koyori was talking in an older sounding voice, and while they never said her name admits the sub titles when she said “I” the audio said Koyori around that point so it had to be her. Plus even with an older sounding voice I could tell it was the same seiyuu. She was talking to Mayuko saying how Mayuko isn’t acting like a child, she said that’s because she isn’t one. Koyori then said she isn’t a child anymore either. WTF!?! Is next episode going to so some far into the future thing where Koyori is all grown up or something? If so, why the hell does Koyori know Mayuko? Now, given that the previews aren’t normal previews, I’m a bit inclined to think that none of it means anything, but if it does then I’m thoroughly confused already. With his preview I can just see some situation where its many years in the future and Yorito still isn’t back or anything then he suddenly comes back after Mana or Matsuri was waiting. Now, since I haven’t seen the last episode I don’t know what the hell will happen to make any of that possible, but I can already see situations that I have no idea how they got there just because of this damn confusing preview!

5 thoughts on “sola – 11”

  1. I can explain the “preview” dialogue:

    The preview dialogue after episode 10 featured an adult Koyori having revenge on Mana with her own “chop”. This preview dialogue just continued with the adult Koyori introduced last time.

    Not a plot point, just an aside for fun. :)

  2. Sola has not been made a game yet, but they are working on it. Some people are crying for ‘Loli route’, though.

  3. No need to force you blogging Claymore I just discover the other blog site.
    I know the ending of sola because my friend is working creating sola.

    Ojama shimasu

  4. I guess I did think a bit too much about the preview thing seeing as how it hasn’t been serious this whole time.

    As for my game comment, even if its not done yet or anything my comment still holds true about the different paths that could easily be explained, so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

  5. My guess is that for Yorito to dissapear Aono has to lose her powers, and if Yorito just killed himself, Aono would just revive him. Then I’m guessing Matsuri kills herself since she feels she’s leading an epty life. I think the sword can maybe take away powers without killing (maybe that’s why the little goth-loli has no powers?) so Aono just needs a good nonlethal slice and then Yorito can die and go with Matsuri. Just a guess though.

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