Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 18

Riku’s grade goes on their school trip, and Tsukasa tries to fight for Riku’s attention while Sayuri is confused about her feelings, wanting to spend time with Riku as well.


Wow, I absolutely LOVED this episode. Really I think that the show took a big step up with this. It’s not even so much this episode alone, but the focus they changed too. This episode was filled with a lot more drama and dealt with the feelings of all three girls, although one only a little, they gave HUGE character development to Tsukasa, while still keeping Sayuri in there, building up her character for a great moment to come. It’s a bit surprising how fast they’ve brought all this up. Just a while ago all the episodes were really just fluff. They didn’t really start dealing with any of Sayuri’s feelings and now when they do they give Tsukasa much needed attention at the same time. I really think Tsukasa’s involvement in this episode is what made me love it so much though. Not just because I like Tsukasa, I do indeed think she’s a great character, but I’ve always said that I’m a bit taken back by the situation she is in. I mean, technically she’s going out with Riku but they’ve pretty much ignored that fact throughout half of the episodes, and the ones they do talk about it, its nothing serious. This episode really dealt with that issue and I think they did it wonderfully too.

It seems like the next episode will have just as much, or at least the same line of drama as this episode did. Although it wasn’t really a big deal in this episode, they did include Mina worrying about Riku, waiting for his messages and so on. Although he only reason he didn’t reply is because he just didn’t check his phone, not that he was ignoring her, it still showed that Mina was worrying and that her feelings are important and not just there for some funny moments every now and then. Next episode seems like it will focus again on some of the more serious parts of this show, dealing with Mina’s feelings. I guess I’m just taken back a bit by how much the plot and seriousness of the show has leapt. I guess with eight episodes left, I think that’s how many there are, its time for some wrapping up. I didn’t’ think it would happen this soon though. However, I guess with three girls needing conclusions, none of which have really been touched on at all before, they need a bit of room.

4 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 18”

  1. Want me to tell you the ending?

    Yes no?
    YES IT IS!
    In the end………….

    I win!!! I get all 3 girls! Because I knock out Riku in a karate match!

  2. It seems obvious anyway how it was going to end, unless they pull a Shuffle or something. One can hope ^^

    But yeah, it does seem like TokiMemo is stepping it up with the recent plot-tastic episodes; definitely an improvement, just can’t seem to hate Tsukasa as much anymore, at least. I thought that it wasn’t just this episode but the one before it as well, as well as it being sprinkled throughout. Although, I think Sayuri’s got some development in store, we’ve seen her be sad about being “ignored” by Riku, but I believe this is the first time she sees him officially with another girl.

    Looking forward to 19, especially with quicker fansubs now.

  3. The ending…. Well, the only thing I’m saying is that Sayuri will….. what, get or knock him?

    Your choice… ^^,

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