Sumomomo Momomo – 21

Iroha and Hanzo fight off against the next Koganei clan member in order to get Koushi and Momoko the antidote they need, facing off against Tenten who has a history with Iroha.


I was a bit surprised with this episode, as I did find it enjoyable to watch. The last couple of episodes have been much better then the majority of the series. Not that they make up for it, but it has been interesting and fun to watch since they steeped up the seriousness of it and had some actual fights that dealt with some of the plot and character development. I was very surprised at the amount of drama in this episode around it being announced that Iroha loves Koushi. I didn’t really think it was too much of a secret, but I guess since they said it they haven’t really announced that to Koushi, just to the viewer. Still, it was a bit surprising to see the reaction to it, as I wouldn’t think it would be that big of a deal. They did resolve it by pretty much saying exactly that, but it still caused some problems that I didn’t foresee. I was also completely surprised at the whole history thing between Hanzo and Tenten. They didn’t really go anywhere with that so I’m surprised they had it in there at al.

I’m fairly unsure of what is going to happen next episode. This is only a 22 episode series, so next episode is the last one. They have to wrap up the tournament fight with the Koganei clan and take the medicine, plus come to any overall resolve about the relationship between Koushi and Momoko and having things return to normal or what not. However, I have trouble in putting much faith into the final fight. I mean, the final enemy is one we hardly know at all. A fight is good if you know the enemy and know a reason for them fighting. Hell, even with this episode they had shown the bitch earlier poisoning Koushi and so on, plus they gave her back-story, but the little they’ve shown of the oldest guy is pretty boring, so I don’t know how interesting the fight will be. It will be interesting to see what Koushi does though, as he may fight with a technique or something given the OP and him using the book and doing a wolf technique, but I think it would have been a bit more interesting if they had shown more of the older guy before fighting. Either way, I doubt this last episode will completely redeem the whole series, as it is a bit of a joke and really not the best, but it’s still going to be a bit interesting to see how it wraps it up.

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