D. Gray-Man – 35

Lenalee runs across another exorcist, Suman Dark, when trying to safely deliver Goz the Finder to his new assignment and together they wind up trying to save a group of villagers from some Akuma wolves.


Although again, sadly, this episode didn’t have anything to do with he overall plot tat they were supposedly supposed to beef up after all this announcing of a new plan, I found this episode very enjoyable to watch. I’d still like for there to be some plot, but if the episodes were as interesting and as good as this, I wouldn’t mind them putting it off for a bit. I found Suman to be a very interesting character. Although a tad mean it seemed, he did kind of redeem himself in the end and the whole flash of his pocket watch and a little girl defiantly shows he has a good side. I don’t really know if we are going to find that out though, as they haven’t really delved much into the story of the other main exorcists, I don’t know when they are going to find the time to give him any development. Although really, I don’t think he needs it. Just because he has a family that he left behind doesn’t necessarily mean that that has to be resolved. I’m sure thing will work out fine so his character was a rather fun and interesting one time appearance kind of guy. I do hope the appears later, perhaps in the final all out battle between a shit load of Akuma and all the known exorcists, but I don’t think he really NEEDS time, it would just be fin to see him again.

The strange thing is that I enjoyed this episode, but the overall individual episode plot wasn’t that interesting. There wasn’t really anything new, it was just a group of random Akuma attacking a village. They saved the villagers from the Akuma. Really, that’s all there was to it. They’ve had stuff where they save a little girl or something or group of people form Akuma before, so really it was nothing new. What really made this episode fun was Suman, so I think if they are going to put on more of these fluff episodes, they need to keep the characters interesting enough to support it.

Next episode seems to be focusing more on the whole stepping things up a notch thing. I damn well hope so. It seems like they were so serious about things becoming…well, more serious after the whole attack on general Yeegar. But since that, there really haven’t been any real plot episodes. Sure there have been some interesting character development episodes, and I’m not saying that every single episode that isn’t focusing on the overall plot is crap, but it would be nice to see some of that develop, especially after they kind of announced it would. I’m not saying form here on out everything has to be super serious completely plot driven, but they really haven’t revealed any of that so far, the focus is still on the same old thing which seems to be an endless war against all of the Akuma and Exorcists.

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