Character Profile: Setsuna of the Moment of Dreams

It’s me again, Xeby-chan! Well summer time is here so this gives me more time to be free. I’ll be doing more posts over the summer when Xebek has time to go crazy, so I present to you one of the posts that I do, another character profile. I wanted to do this for Setsuna back when KyoSora just ended, but never had the time, so I decided to do it now anyways. I’ll do more of these and then other kinds soon, so look forward to it :D

Data, Impressions, and more pictures beyond the jump.


Name: Setsuna
Anime: Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
Height: 156cm

  • She is the absolute angel Claíomh Solais
  • Has traveled with Kyoshiro, serving him and never able to show her feelings because of what she is.
  • She is also known as Setsuna of the Moment of Dreams.


Setsuna is an interesting character, and one that got my attention enough that I just had to do one of the Character Profile about her, even though KyoSora ended a while ago. The show, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora was…interesting. It was fun and interesting to watch, but not the best. However, I can honestly say that the most interesting part of the entire series to me was Setsuna. She wasn’t even really one of the main characters. Although she was very important, it’s not like the was THE female lead, that role going to Kuu. Setsuna still managed to make enough of an impact as a secondary character to have me just fall in love with her. Setsuna was definitely my favorite character in this anime by far. Hell, she’s probably one of the reasons kept watching, I wanted to find out what happened to her because of her situation. Now, I didn’t like her solely for her looks or anything like that, it wasn’t really her looks at all. She was such a more interesting character then that. It was her situation that made her so damn interesting and captivating. Here she was, completely devoting her entire life to Kyoshiro. She knew all along that he was trying to destroy all of the absolute angels, yet she still continued to follow Kyoshiro and was basically as she describes his sword and nothing more. She cared so much for him that she helped him lead to her eventual death, so she thought. Then, Kuu comes along. Setsuna has been completely devoting herself to Kyoshiro, Kyoshiro is her life. Then Kuu comes along and steals away any hope she has for a relationship. However, Setsuna was just happy being near Kyoshiro, it’s not so much that Kuu took that chance away, just that now Kyoshiro cared for her and didn’t pay any attention to her. Hell, Kyoshiro even treated her like complete crap. She was begging, hurt and almost dieing once and begging for Kyoshiro to help her and he basically blew her off to run over and see if Kuu was ok, after she risked her life to save the both of them. I thought her situation was expertly describing a couple of times, that Setsuna gave everything for an empty future. It was descried that Setsuna gave her everything for Kyoshiro, all of it JUST to spend time with him however the time wielded nothing for her. Despite the ending, she is still my favorite character. As I’ve said above, the ending is very confusing so I’m not sure EXACTLY what happened, but Setsuna still lost it seems. So she remained a tragic character, which is a bit fitting but sad.

As for information about Setsuna herself, she’s also known as Setsuna of the Moment of Dreams and is the Absolute Angel Claiomh Solais. Setsuna’s Absolute Angel symbol is located on her right arm, the dominate weapon arm of her mecha self. As for information about Claiomh Solais, it is the name of Setsuna’s mecha and Absolute Angel self. Claiomh Solais is also known as the Sword of Light. It is from Irish mythology, and it was a sword that came from Findias and belonged to Nuada Airgeadlamh or Nuada of the Silver Hand. (This also explains why Setsuna’s mecha has one dominate hand) The sword had the power to cut its enemies in half and is one of the four treasures of Ireland. Her mecha has a cool backstory, and I personally think it is the coolest looking one of them. The loli’s seems too odd, it doesn’t look like a good mecha, and Kuu’s looks just weird. Setsuna and Kaon’s are the only ones that look normal, and I think Setsuna’s one huge dominate arm looks cool on her mecha, and really does fit nicely with the whole theme of her being someone’s sword. Plus it fits with the mythology of her angel’s name.

In overvieew, Setsuna had it all. She was a great example of how interesting a character can be without having to have over the top character traits. Really, there wasn’t anything too distinguishable about her character that made her special. She wasn’t super funny or over the top, she’s not some shy clichéd girl like many characters from other anime or anything like that. She was a beautiful character, but her greatness didn’t come form her looks. She had just this great tragedy to her character and she had such an interesting story to her, causing her to be interesting and tragic throughout whatever she did, and overall very unique. Even though she didn’t get an ending focusing on her, it was still interesting and a rather good closure for her, just because of how well they handled her character. Her ending was a bit odd and slightly confusing but it was still fun and a good ending just because of who she was.

9 thoughts on “Character Profile: Setsuna of the Moment of Dreams”

  1. So…is the anime in which this character is featured worth a watch? And nice ecchi images btw.

  2. I’d say it is. It’s not the best show ever but it is certainly interesting and without its charm. If nothing to watch and just looking for some show to watch I’d say this. If I didn’t have other stuff I’d watch it again sometime

  3. Yes..Setsuna too was my fav character in this show. Hell, she’s probably in the top 5 of my fav anime girls in all.^^ I love her personality and the tragic story surrounding her. I just am very fond of her really.^^

  4. Setsuna was the best character in the entire series and I was very upset to see her end up alone. She had a likable personality, a kind heart and she was willing to do anything for the person she loved, so there was no reason for someone like Kuu(childish, selfish, unable to see what everyone else feels) to take away Kyoshiro from her.

    At least, not without Setsuna getting someone awesome instead of being stuck by herself.

    I agree with everything you’ve said, and thanks for the pictures; I have all of them, but not this big.

  5. I love Setsuna to death. The show had a bunch of cool characters like Sojiro and Kaon, but Setsuna clearly stood out the most.
    She’s my second favorite anime character.

    Thanks for the pictures!

  6. I looveeee love .. definitely lovvveee Setsuna!
    I’ve been looking for her wallpaper or pics EVERYWHERE!
    Thanks a lot man!\
    Setsuna is the hottest!cutest!#1 anime character ever!

  7. Thank you for this page, I stumbled across it in searching for more pictures of my lovely Setsuna.

    A very beautiful angel, with such a balance of gentleness and strength…


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