Hidamari Sketch – 08

Yuno and Miya find out that Sae is approaching a deadline for her novel, and see how hard she has to work so they try and find a way to help her.


Well, it’s been a while since the last release, but this is finally here. It is a bit of a shame, because I really do like this show, but I seem to forget that a lot. It’s not the kind of show that leaves much of an impression on you. It won’t really make it into a top favorite list of anime, hell even if it does deserve to rank there; it’s just not that memorable. Even so, I don’t really ever come out of the episode regretting watching it. I always have fun watching the episodes; they are nice and relaxing with nice humor, and great character relationship. It’s a very simple and relaxing slice of life show; it just doesn’t leave an impression.

I still have to say that one of the best parts of this show, if not the best part altogether, is Yoshinoya-sensei. She is just….amazing. First of all she’s really hot, but everything she does is hilarious. She acts so childish at times, and then acts like some model who tries to show off what she looks like. It’s a very odd mix of character traits, that just make her great to watch. Asides from Yoshinoya, Hiro is my favorite and this episode did feature a bit with her, but not as much as I’d hoped. It really was centered on Sae if anyone. However I love the continual joke they have going on about Hiro’s weight. When they started mentioning how Sae wasn’t eating when she concentrated on writing I just knew they were going to do a joke where Hiro should start to write something to, and god bless them they did.

Well, for a come back episode its hard to reiterate that this really is a very fun show to watch, because this episode itself seemed a tad boring, but still the overall show is great and I think people don’t I’ve it as much of a chance, just because it doesn’t really leave an impression at all. It was nice and all for this show to focus on Sae, as they don’t really have much information about what Sae or Hiro really do, but it seemed like it doesn’t have enough content to make I interesting. The funnier and best parts were when they strayed from that, like Yoshinoya and the principal.

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  1. I found the Yuno jumping off the balcony scene absolytely hilarious, a shame it was so short though. But yeah, Hiro is indeed very fun to watch. I still can’t forget her Principle imitation a few episodes back.

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