New Member of My Family, My Laptop: Ilfa

Well as I’ve mentioned on the AB IRC channel, I just recently got my first laptop, a new laptop. I always name all of my electronics after computers in anime, and under that category would fall androids. So, given that I have named her Ilfa, after the android from To Heart 2. Her full name of course is HMX-17a Ilfa. Anyways, my new laptop can play videos better then my desktop, the really high quality ones don’t skip where they did on my desktop. Given that, and that I like the laptop a lot, most if not all of my posts will come from my laptop.

Since I’m still a little bit in the midst of setting some stuff up, it will be a bit before I get everything settled. Therefore some posts may be slow whiel I’m still figuring things out. The laptop came with Vista on it, which I’m not familiar with so that takes some getting used to. Really cant get a laptop without Vista on it very easily, and decided to just leave it on unelss I come across any problems. After I finish settig thngs up, not just installing things but setting preferences and so on.

If anyone has any recommendations of things I should put on, programs or games or whatever, go ahead and let me know. I don’t have too many programs on, just a lot of visual novel games.  As for the actual laptop itself, it’s a Toshiba. Its got a cool fingerprint scanner on it, but I didn’t buy it because of that, it just happened to have it. Great sound and speakers on it, so good for anime. 15.4 inch screen, didn’t really want it bigger or it would be too big to carry around as easily as I wanted.

Few more pictures after jump.

3 thoughts on “New Member of My Family, My Laptop: Ilfa”

  1. Oooh… congrats for getting a nice lappy. You didn’t mentioned the specs.

    anyway, if you’re into graphics, I recommend you photoshop software or fireworks, etc. and If you’re into web designing(like me), dreamweaver or frontpage.

    My laptop has some converters too. Too bad the processor is only Pentium M. Some of the graphic designing softwares lag too much.

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