Hayate no Gotoku – 11

Nagi takes Hayate to her grandfather’s house to introduce him, when Hayate finds that her grandfather is a very peculiar individual.


This episode seemed to be surprisingly focused on plot. First of all we got introduced to Nagi’s grandfather, a character that has a very important position in the story, at least in the amount of power and money he holds and his relation to Nagi, but there was also the whole bit about Nagi’s grandfather’s scheme about anyone who makes Nagi cry and apologize will get the money. I can really see that happening later in the series, or at least if it was pulled form the manga, happening at the end of the manga. Of course, Hayate is likely to be the one to make her do it. It’s not even because he’s the main character, but because of how much Nagi likes him I can easily see a situation where Nagi would do something that would really end up hurting Hayate, or at least in her view hurting him, and apologize for it. If she did something to someone she didn’t care about, of course she wouldn’t cry, but I can see her doing it to Hayate, which I’m sure will result in something, not necessarily Hayate getting the money, but maybe some relationship advancement or whatever. Not that I think we’ll necessarily see that here, but it was implanted here which made the episode in general rather important.

I’m really curious about the pendant thing. This show has plenty of really useless and random things in it, and the pendant of course could fall into the at category, but the way they focused on it I think it will end up playing a bit more of unimportant part. However, I’m really confused and don’t know what. The show has had some rather supernatural things in it, but none that were important; they were just there for fun. If the pendant really was magical like the glow would suggest, it would mean they would be making a bit of the plot more important, which goes against the theme of the show a tad. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see just what it does, as I’m sure it will make an appearance later.

It seems like next episode we’ll finally get some inclusion form the classmate girl. Not just was she the one doing the narration over the preview, but she was talking to Hayate, plus showing scenes of Hayate in front of what would appear to be the school he used to go to. Now, I’m not too sure if he’s actually going to go back to school, honestly I don’t really care. However, I do hope that the classmate girl makes a bit more of an impact this next episode then just eating. I saw her character from the beginning and knew that she had the potential to play a part in perhaps making Nagi jealous or whatnot, but so far she’s only been eating. However, even though she hasn’t’ been really important, it has been rather funny seeing her really briefly, always eating, still, more of apart would be nice.

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