E2046 Bunny Suzumiya Haruhi Resin, Prepainted Figure

Name: Suzumiya Haruhi
Game/Novel/Manga: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Scale: 1/7
Height: 26cm
Manufacturer: E2046
Received: May 2007

I got this figure here for my birthday. I did mention on my post about my birthday that it had been ordered. The one that said my birthday was ON the 17th damnit, I wasn’t turning 17. Everyone didn’t really seem to read my wording and seemed to think I was turning 17, I wasn’t! Anyways, this figure here I got from E2046 from their Gathering line of figures. They are a bit different form other sites as they mainly sell unpainted and unassembled kits but have recently been putting kits together and painting them in their own workshops, offering up pre-painted figures that no one else does. They can be a bit expensive, so I don’t think I’ll start buying solely from them, but if I manage to have any excess money, given the quality I’ve seen here I’d definitely think of going to them.

Anyways, a more review type…talking after all the pictures. I took more then I do for normal pictures with this because of its quality.

This is my most expensive figure by far, and one of my favorites. Alter Fate still puts up a good fight, but this one is really nice as well. Anyways, it was a bit of a new experience given that it wasn’t purchased like I normally do. E2046 pretty much paints it themselves. I was a bit wary of it too, as its painted and assembled by hand, so I feared the quality wouldn’t be as good as the other PVCs I bought. However, it’s nearly flawless, and I am more then pleased with the quality of work with this piece.

The paint job is great. One of the things that impressed me the most from the pictures is the paint job on the hair. The different shading and colors made it look great, and the actual thing looks just as great. The glossy look on her suit is amazing too. The stockings aren’t painted on, they are actual stockings, and I think it looks much better then shading for stockings would.

I did notice after I took all the pictures that she looked like she had a bit of dust on her, which was odd because when looking at her with the naked eye I couldn’t really see anything. I guess I should just dust off all my figures before taking pictures of them, as some sit around for a bit before I have time to take pictures.

4 thoughts on “E2046 Bunny Suzumiya Haruhi Resin, Prepainted Figure”

  1. I’ve seen this in real life a few times, it’s pretty nice but I don’t feel it justifies the insane price. For that I’ll much rather get a large Macross Valkyrie.

    Your dust issue, it’s like that, because the camera’s macro mode magnifies the image so much it picks up stuff our naked eyes don’t. You can either photoshop it or just be extra careful lol. Btw, you seem to have alot of pictures with this white mist, not sure why.

  2. White mist? Hmm, not too sure what you’re refering to, but in some pictures the sun was in the picture so kind of created a weird light effect. I left it in some pictures because it caused a neat multi colored lens flare, but it could account for some parts being whiter. I don’t know too much about cameras and photography.

  3. Hi ,The “white mist” is actually sunlight or light reflecting on the face of the lens ,its kind of a “white out” effect. A good lens shade or hood will stop this from happening.

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