Peace @ Pieces Figure Group Shoot: 2 Alter & 2 GSC Together

Well, since it was rather rare for me to get a set of figures like this, after I did all of the individual pictures for the individual figures, I decided to do a group shot of all of them. For those that don’t know, the two figures in school uniforms are done by GSC, and the battle outfit ones are by Alter. There are really only two characters admits these four figures. The battle uniform figures are the same characters as the ones in the uniforms.

I wasn’t originally planning on getting all of the figures as a set like this. I saw the Alter Nagi figure a couple of places and it looked really cool, so was going to get it. I think decided that I shoud get Alter Hikaru as well, as it would make a small set and there were only two of them. They would compliment each other nicely. Then, after I had made the purchase I saw TJ Han doing a post where he was selling some of his figures. I saw the two GSC ones, and since those were otherwise discontinued and pretty impossible to buy from a store online, I thought that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, since it would give me a really unique set. So here we are.

Anyways, more pictures after the jump. This is a bit of a different photoshoot then regular since its some group shots, but thought since I had a set like this I should do one.

Some shots of the two Nagi figures:

Some of the two Hikarus:

Some shots of the Alter Figures together:

3 thoughts on “Peace @ Pieces Figure Group Shoot: 2 Alter & 2 GSC Together”

  1. Well 2 is better than 1, you have to admit that. Though whether you have the space to display them is another matter.

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