Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 09

When the iDOLS need to be harmonized to be more efficient, Haruka is sent to an old member of the team who is the only one that can do it, however Haruka finds her less then willing to go back because of something that happened in the past.


This episode was great. Even without action scenes, the show is becoming really interesting, and I think that’s a great example of a show being exciting without action. While there are still action scenes, and they are interesting too, they are doing a great job with the drama about iDOLS having hearts and things in the last about them. I really was unsure of what part Ami would play, and I didn’t guess at all that something like what happened to her and her sister happened, but it really made things interesting. It put a whole new level of drama on things, not to mention including some information on the unmentioned iDOLS. It seems like Ami will be a regular character now, as she was shown in the preview. I don’t really know what part she’d be able to play though. The only reason they NEEDED her back was for the melody thing, and it seems like that’s just a check up kind of thing, not a full time job. I suppose she could be a backup pilot, but with only two IDOLS they don’t really need that many. Still, whatever part she ends up playing she really did, at least for this episode, bring a much darker look at some of the things that can happen with iDOLS. Although it was resolved here, I’m sure they’ll touch upon this topic again. Really, the whole series has done a good job at becoming interesting by using this drama. Really, the action hasn’t been the best or the most prominent, but this focus on the connection between iDOLS and their masters has been, and it’s great.

We still don’t’ know much about the other missing iDOL. We found out that Tempestus is one of them, but the other one hasn’t been concretely said. Apparently its “missing in action” like Tempestus is, so something likely happened to it. I still think that that “Emi-chan” iDOL that the loli drew cold be the missing one, and if she knows about it it’s likely to have as interesting or more of a story then Tempestus did.

Next episode seems to still feature Ami, but also dealing with Makoto. Seeing as how the two of them were both in the whole iDOL deal when they were kids, there has to be some history between them which seems to be the topic of next episode. Which, of course will end up leading to some character development for Makoto. She really does need it, as she is an interesting character and I’m sure there is more to her, but really because of all they’ve given us she comes across like she’s just a bitch. Although she may be one a bit, there has to be some reason so hopefully this next episode will make her more interesting and a bit more understandable.

3 thoughts on “Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 09”

  1. She does indeed seem like a b!tch…. I don’t see how theyy are going to turn that around and make us start caring for her all of a sudden… her back story has to be amazing in order for this to happen…

  2. Well, I don’t really think her character is too far gone. They’ve already planted some seeds of redemption in her. Such as talking about not believing in their hearts because if you do, you will let a mistake happen that you’ll never be able to forgive yourself for. I’m guessing she believed in them and because she tried to protect the idol, many people got hurt.

    Either way, I’m sure there will be a great back story, but still don’t think she’s too far gone.

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