Hayate no Gotoku – 10

When Nagi and Sakuya get mad at a very old game, it comes alive and end sup sucking in the members of the student council into the game causing them to play though it.


Wow, this episode was absolutely incredible. I had some doubts about this episode, seeing as how they advertised it in lat episodes preview as being an anime original, it would go either way but it really turned out great, and is one of the funniest episodes yet in my opinion. Really, I think what made this episode great was how many times they broke the fourth wall. Although the actual story about the student council going around in the game was very funny, partially because of how stupid it was. Things that are stupid like that on purpose are generally funny on their own; I think one of the bigger components was the whole fourth wall thing. Although doing that is nothing new to this series, they really seemed to have it a lot, even so much as answering fan mail, having Nagi watching the show and explaining the whole thing how this episode takes place during the same time as another one. All together, it was really funny. I loved when Hina showed up and the girl was explaining things to her, she actually said, “Blah blah blah, abbreviating the rest.” usually something like that happens, they’ll say here’s what happened and then cut somewhere and the story will be told, but here they actually made a point and talked about that normal pacing method, it was great.

I loved the fan mail thing. It was another rather random thing, but also completely breaking the fourth wall in the middle of the show. The whole topic they brought up about Maria’s age was pretty funny. I knew she was 17 and when I first s her I too thought she was older then that. The way Maria acted when all of this was going on was pretty funny too. A lot of the fourth wall things are funny just because it’s not something every anime has. This episode in general just seemed to have much more of it, and I think that’s one of the reasons it was such a big success.

As I said above, this episode was just absolutely fantastic, and although it didn’t have any character advancement or anything like that, it really didn’t matter at all. It was hilarious, and if it tried to put any of that stuff in it would have just taken away. The small random funny bits were throughout this episode, one of the reasons it was so great. I laughed so damn hard at the little comment thing before the commercial break where the demon queen, voiced by Mikuru and Kaede’s seiyuu, said, “Something Beam!” and was in the same pose with the fingers around the eye that Mikuru does when she did the Mikuru beam. Although they’ve cross referenced other anime before, I found this part just hilarious because of the seiyuu connection, and not actually specifically stating it’s from Haruhi or anything. I also loved some of the small things like when Nagi was first playing the game, her character’s name was Hayate and he was fighting against Santa. Although it isn’t hilarious, its just fun to see, since they did have a whole bit about Hayate arguing with Santa because of how deprived he was as a kid and so on.

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