Nanoha StrikerS – 09

When Fate, Nanoha, and Vita head out on a simple mission, the forwards are told the story of when Nanoha and Fate were young, explaining to Tea why her actions were so wrong and dangerous to herself.


This episode certainly did clear up a lot of things. It really made what Nanoha did in the last episode more justifiable, and really from the information and all they’ve talked about in this episode, I really do agree with what she did. However, just from the reaction of what she did, I do think that last episode it was a bit hard to tell how justifiable it was. Although it turned out to be fine, it wasn’t that clear before, and I’m glad they spent this time talking about that. I’m honestly surprised at how much they’ve focused on the whole topic of Tea trying to better herself. It’s been a very dominate and consistent focus for about three episodes, which this early in the series for something as emotional as that, it’s very interesting and nice to see. It really just boiled down to Tea was doubting herself too much, and because of that she was pushing herself too far in training and in battles that didn’t’ need for her to go all out. It’s called going all out for a reason, you don’t do it in everyday battles where you don’t need it, because as they showed with the flashback it wound up hurting Nanoha. Tea even said she was fighting with everything she had, and that she didn’t’ think she would belong if she didn’t fight like she was risking her life, which isn’t a good mindset no matter what the situation did. Hell, Nanoha didn’t even hurt Tea, she was fine and they even said that they were training bullets. All in all, I’m really glad with this episode because it explained a lot of the questions that last episode caused, and put a very good end and spin on things with the whole focus on being good enough, and needing to go all out or not.

I really liked the whole retelling of the past. It may be that there is just a certain charm and enjoyment out of seeing them explain it, having watched the other series and all. A lot of shows that are sequels to something, but set more in the future have that affect. When they reference something else in that line of series it brings a certain feeling from having experienced it, yet having it explained to those in the current show. Although, I was really expecting this episode to be a bit more centered on the event in the past that caused Nanoha to finally break down. Just from the scenes, I was kind of expecting a focus on that, and even though they showed and explained that, it wasn’t so much a focus but just a way to resolve the already arisen issue of Tea going all out when she shouldn’t. Looking at it now though, it’s probably a much more interesting focus. It was fun just seeing the reactions of the forwards though, to seeing their teachers and mentors as young kids, and even learning they were enemies. I do wish they would have shown that reaction a bit more.

7 thoughts on “Nanoha StrikerS – 09”

  1. I thought this episode straight out sucked, hardcore. It basically neglected everything that happened last episode, and stalls what is already a very slow series.

    Hope this speeds up soon. Big disappointment so far, deviating from the action-packed Nanoha As.

  2. Wtf are you talking about, this episode was solely based on what happened last episode, it did the complete opposite from neglecting it. The entire episode centered on why Nanoha did what she did, and why going all out like that isn’t necessary, that Tea is fine. Are you blind or just stupid?

    The show has less action, so far, but its also got a lot more plot and real character development, which makes up for it. The show is also twice as damn long as As, of course it will be slow starting out. My god, stop fucking whining.

  3. We’re 9 episodes into the series already and they’re only fighting with god damn generic robots. Yea, I feel the show is a BIG letdown. Character development? Holy shit, they just been training for a past few episodes with jack shit character development. BRING IN THE MAGE-VERSE-MAGE combat already.

    I’m a big fan of this series, but, come on, Striker suckass so far.

    And regarding why I said it neglects what was done last episode: I was hoping in some sort of way that the last would been a cataylst to the fucken slow shitty series, you know to get the ball moving. Episode 9 undo all that. More robot on the way, I suppose, I’m glad some of you are enjoying watching those uglyass robots their ass kicked for the last few episodes. C’mon, that’s enjoyment right there!

  4. I watch now 10,11,12, whats taking so long to update are you dropping now?
    No more training now, a new characters (enemy) has added the series.

  5. I can only go by the subs since I don’t know enough Japanese to go by the raws. The sub groups haven’t released anything in a while. I haven’t dropped it, when the subs come out I’ll post as soon as I can but until then all I can do is wait.

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