Nagasarete Airantou – 08

Ikuto and Suzu are invited over to Chikage’s house when she wants to do an investigation on him.


This episode was alright, but for some reason I can’t quite pin point what, this episode and the series now feels like it doesn’t have the same impact that it did when it was first airing. I think that the show may just be loosing some of its charm. Its not that the episodes are getting worse, as it’s still a pretty consistent stream of quality, and the episodes are all rather funny. It just seems like it doesn’t have as much of a draw then the show used to. Although it’s still good, it just seems like its not as good as it used to be. I guess the show being so obvious about being a harem, yet not always being about pure sex was something that was a bit new and fresh to watch. I guess that’s worn off a bit. Anyways, its not that the show isn’t as good as it’s been, just that it’s a bit less fresh. I don’t know if, or how, any of that can come back to the show, but like I said it’s not like its terrible now. Hopefully they will just be able to keep it good enough without needing it to be fresh.

I think the best, and most interesting part of this episode was just that it was fairly Chikage centered. It wasn’t even focused on her the way it is for some other girls either, its not just that she’s in the episode for a large amount of time, the actual episode dealt with her and what she was trying to do and given that she is a rather under developed character, it was a bit interesting to see. I do have rather mixed feelings about her character. At first I didn’t really like her at all, and she didn’t seem anything special. This episode didn’t make me fall in love with her or anything, but it was nice that we not only got her involvement, but we saw some real human emotions. Although some of that was just investigating the differences in a guy and girl, I think some of that was interesting just because they haven’t really touched that much that there is that kind of sexual tension. Half of the girls don’t know why there is a difference between them and Ikuto, especially Suzu who is completely oblivious to any sexual tension. While many want Ikuto, they don’t seem to have an idea on why. I doubt any of that will change much, but it was interesting they made a point of it, even if it was just for humor and nothing serious.

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