Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 08

Haruka and the rest of the iDOL organization heads to the beach where they can perform tests they normally can’t, and Haruka learn more about Imber’s origins.


For an episode that was set on the beach, with the theme of being just another beach episode like many series have, there was a surprising amount of focus off of any of the fanservice or regular beach activity. Not that there wasn’t any of that, while there may have not been much of any regular activities you may see, there was the fanservice there, especially from Yukiho. However they still seem to be on the whole topic of Imber having a heart, and the real connection that he seems to have with Haruka. I’m not surprised at all that they have this as a topic, in fact I love it because I do think its rather interesting and they are handling it well, just admit all of the other stuff it was a bit surprising to see it here.

Some of the more interesting serious stuff I found was just the whole history of how the iDOLS came about. One thing that interested me the most perhaps was that they mentioned how two geniuses found a way to use the core in a humanoid structure. One of them appeared, if not both, to be female which leads me to believe that one of them may be “Mother” that the evil organization is going on about. It would tie her in to be an important character for a reason, and not just a random creepy powerful old woman or something. Also, perhaps one of the topics that could hold the most important for later in the series is that there are two more unknown iDOLS. There are five total: Imber, Nebula, and the evil organization one. Which leaves two more. I’m wondering if that “Ebi-chan” that the loli drew was actually one of them. Although it seemed like she was just playing around, she’s proved to be very mysterious herself so it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually knew what he looked like.

Next episode seems to feature the unknown OP girl who did that weird finger twirl in the OP. I’m not quite sure what part she’ll play, but she seems right now to be some normal idol, although her involvement in the series can easily mean she is something more. It may be interesting if she could pilot Imber or something, adding some jealousy over who uses him or whatever, but I don’t really see that happening, I’m really just coming up with things that could make things more interesting. Either way, it will be interesting to see what indeed she will do.

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