Hayate no Gotoku – 09

Hayate travels to Nagi’s school in order to get back her lost notebook, when he finds it is haunted.


I think that I’m really starting to like Hina as a character, which makes this episode all the more enjoyable. Now, I still would like to see something between Hayate and Nagi just because I always want something romantic, but Hina was a pretty interesting and funny character in this episode. She is even more of the same age as Hayate, so there could be some humor there later, even though there wasn’t TOO much here, about jealousy from Nagi towards Hina and Hayate being friends. It’s too bad that we haven’t seen Hina outside of the school yet, as if she had appeared even briefly over at Nagi’s then there might be some room for her to be in the show in general much more, but it seems like we’ll only ever get to see her around the school, which limits her character. This would be a lot wore if it weren’t for all the other slew of characters that can make of things to be interesting, regardless.

I liked the fake story that was going on about Hayate flirting with Hina, kidnapping her, and then having the teacher save the day. Obviously being told by the teacher to make her look better, but it was just funny to see them all think about him that way when he was only ever doing nice things. It fits in with the rest of the series focus on how Hayate is one of the nicest guys ever, always caring about others and putting his life at risk not eve thinking about himself but always ends up way worse off then the people who are selfish. It adds humor at him being miserable, with a bit of sympathy since he doesn’t really deserve it. I also liked his cell phone saying that, “There is no service, that he should try later, and in fact retry his life”

The next episode seems really interesting just from the fact that is an anime original episode. Which, doesn’t necessarily mean that its good, but it will be interesting to watch. I’ll at least be on the same page as others who have read the manga since they won’t know exactly how it turns out or anything. Although, they still have the benefit of knowing how things will eventually turn out, which may shape their perceptions of character relationships and so on but… I guess none of that really matters. Either way, it will be interesting and it even seems to have the student council

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