Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 14

Mamoru struggles with what his feelings on Ayako going to Germany with Johan are, as Ayako struggles herself on what to do.


Even for a show where there is such a strong and definite connection between the main characters, this episode still had me really excited and intrigued as to what was going to happen between the love triangle thing they had going. They’ve done a great job showing that indeed there is a strong relationship between Mamoru and Ayako, not just with the kiss but how they keep talking about Ayako not being able to do much without Mamoru around. Still, I was excited and a bit on the edge of my seat about, I guess HOW things would turn out with Johan’s intervention there. I’m positive they will end up staying together and all, but eve so its very interesting and fun to see the events that come their way, even knowing that.


I’m pretty unsure of what’s going to happen now. I was a bit curious and confused when Johan, which seemed like he would play such a huge part appeared so early in the series. Now it seems that his part is over with, at least for a while so they have to have some other focus other then him. I’m sure there will be some calm fluff episodes, which are great since they need a bit of some relaxed time now that Mamoru and Ayako have kissed. There hasn’t really been any room for them to do anything since their relationship jumped up a bit, as the whole Johan bit has been happening at the same time. I just hope they’ll touch on that and have some calmer moments before going into the plot again.


I was a bit surprised with how Johan’s character started to turn and act near the end of this episode. When Johan first showed up, I really hated him. I mean, I wanted him to die. Not that his character was bad, it’s done rather well and all, but I just didn’t like how he was getting in between Mamoru and Ayako like that. However, near the end he didn’t seem so incredibly evil. Especially when Ayako and Mamoru were eventually seeing him off, he seemed more like he was some rival for Ayako, rather then some evil person who would force her against her will. As I said above, I’m not too sure on where the show will go from here, which makes Johan’s part even more of a mystery. I’m sure he’s not done trying to get Ayako or anything, but I doubt things would just happen the exact same way they did here, or things would be way too repetitive. Hopefully he will have less of a scumbag like aura to him like he did in some of the recent episodes.

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