Nagasarete Airantou – 07

Ikuto and Suzu help the cat’s defeat the dogs in a battle to determine which tribe will be Lord of the Southern Forest, and later everyone heads out to see the giant Sakura tree Blossom.


This episode was amazing. First off it was interesting to watch because its one of the few half episodes they have, and not that that’s better or worse, but just not as common. But the main thing that made this entire episode great, both halves, was Machi. She was the main girl focused on in not one, but both of the separate episodes. This has to be a perfect example of how much she is a goddess. If you can’t tell by my raving above, Machi is my favorite character, so I liked both episodes if not just for the fact that Machi was one of the most important characters focused on in those particular episodes. Not that she was the sole focus, but she was featured at least. Like when she was fighting Ikuto in the first half, and being paired with him in the second. This episode made me fall even more in love with her. I did like the episodes for a bit more then that though, as they were pretty funny in their own right. The second half seemed a bit boring and dull except for Machi, in all seriousness. As it seemed the only good part of that was the funny things Machi did to Ikuto, other then that it was rather bland. The first half was just fun to watch though, even without Machi.

I was a bit surprised at the whole Lord of the North bit. I wax expecting some confrontation with him in the second half episode here, but they didn’t really have much. They ran into the former Lord, but then he just waved them by. I was expecting them to do something like help him regain his Lordship because he is nicer or it’s better for the area or whatever. Or at least run into the new lord, and have the new one be worse, but they didn’t do much at all with that. the second part really just focused on Machi making Ikuto do unnecessary things, which as I pointed out above is great because I love Machi, but still a bit odd that they would stress a point like the Lord of the North like that and not do much about it. They could possibly use that information for future episodes, which by itself would again be odd, because most of these episodes are completely episodic. I suppose it could come up later, but it just seemed odd to me.

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  1. I think the Lord of the North scene was meant as a joke. You expect them to do something but nothing actually happens and the former lord just leaves peacefully (typical Japanese humour). We might see more of him in future episodes though.

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