Hayate no Gotoku – 08

Maria tries to assess what Hayate’s real feelings are for Nagi, when she sees how much Nagi has grown attached to him, and has let her feelings show.


I loved this episode. Not just because it had the very hilarious Trap Hayate thing going on, which many have been looking forward to, but as I’ve said several times in posts of this series, and others, I always want for there to be some kind of romantic advancement between some of the main characters when there is a good chance for one there. Although there is a bit of an age thing, I really want for there to eventually, not right away or anything, to be some kind of romance there and although this episode didn’t really show it, and it didn’t do all that much to actually advance Hayate and Nagi’s relationship in any way, the real focus of this episode was on that. They at least addressed the issue and talked about it, which is what I loved. I don’t know how exactly they would be able to pull off, with good quality and not ruining the characters or anything like that, a relationship between Nagi and Hayate, but I really do hope for one. I don’t think the age is that different, if I remember Nagi is 13 and Hayate is 16, and while Nagi may be a bit young at the moment the age difference isn’t too big that nothing couldn’t happen there eventually. And being together doesn’t mean they would have to do anything that would be unmoral for her to do at that age either. Again I’m not sure how it will happen, if it could, and like I said its very likely only wishful thinking on my part since I want for there to be something, but at least this episode really focused and addressed that that problem and situation was there.

Of course, one of the biggest things that makes this episode very…interesting and fun to watch is Hayate being a trap. Everyone seems to be obsessed with traps, so something like this is bound to get a lot of attention. It was fun to see, as they did do a good job at making Hayate, who normally doesn’t really look very feminine, look very moe and very feminine. At first, I was really expecting Hayate to cross dress and go to school with Nagi. They set up for that PEFECTLY. They talked about Nagi only not going to school to spend more time with Hayate, so if Hayate were to pull some OtoBoku thing, since the school seems to be girls only, then he could go to school with Nagi and there would be some interesting events there. Not that the whole series would have to spend much time there, maybe just this episode and moments here and there, but they set up for that perfectly and then did nothing.

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