Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 13

The school gets a visit from Johan, Emel’s brother who is to teach at the school for three days, leaving Mamoru and Ayako unsure about his motives.


This episode got to be pretty exciting, and I really think that the appearance of Johan in the show will really make most things from here on out more exciting. He’s been mentioned for a while now, so its not like his appearance is anything new, but it was pretty obvious from the way they portrayed him and his role that he would be a very important antagonist in the show. I’m just really curious as to how much of a part he is going to play. The show, at this point, is only about half over and already we get the appearance of the seemingly main antagonist. Either the plot will continually be very very exciting and full of interesting parts throughout, or they are going to have to do something with the story to excuse any of the smaller calmer moments. Which is fine, I don’t care if they don’t always keep it exciting, because they’ve done a great job with the love story so far, that just some small moments focusing on that would be fine. But with recent events, I really want to see where they will have time for that and just where the story is going form here, because I’m not too terribly sure.

I thought it was a bit interesting, but also a tad useless at the time that John was doing all of these things to prove that Mamoru is weak. There is no chance in hell that Ayako would just dump Mamoru because Johan shows he’s more powerful. The only way they would ever not be together is if something in the plot happened like he’ll kill Mamoru or her uncle if she doesn’t marry him or something. Even then, whether it’s later stopped or not, she’d still love Mamoru and only be doing this to sacrifice herself basically for the ones she cared about. No matter how much they show Mamoru being weak, I don’t see Ayako ever leaving him for that reason, which makes all of his efforts in this episode pretty much useless. Although it does add a bit of drama, it’s only on the surface, especially since the kiss last episode which pretty much sealed the deal they’d be together, and strengthened their relationship a whole lot.

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