Lucky Star – 07

The girls return back to school after summer vacation and Konata starts acting lady like, and later Tsukasa gets a new cell phone.


As I said before, there isn’t anything I can generally talk about for this show, so before I explain that any more and go against the statement by explaining it…..(That may not make sense, but, eh) So, I’ll just jump into the best parts. I loved Konata’s alternative persona she showed, the beautiful lady like woman she portrayed. I thought just that by itself was hilarious, since it’s so different from her. It was great that they showed it later in the episode, after the segment that focused on it since it made things more random. One of my favorite parts though had to be the manga bit, where Tsukasa cried after reading the same manga that Konata laughed at, then Kagami yelling how she didn’t want to read because she didn’t want to be associated with either one of them.

I loved Lucky Channel again this episode. Although it’s not as good as the regular show, I still think that it’s a nice addition. Although this Lucky Channel was, for the most part, different then the regular ones it was still pretty funny. Which is a tad odd because as I’ve pointed out before, one of the things that makes Lucky Channel great is Akira, who wasn’t included much in this episodes Lucky Channel. It was mostly about her being upset the entire time, when her charm came from her tsundere’ness. Still, I managed to like it still and thought it was funny. I loved how they tied it in to the previous episode because of the mention of pigtails.

I have to mention the ED, because I realized I haven’t talked about it thus far. It’s very different from any other ED I’ve seen, as each one is completely different. There is no set ED song or anything, and although you don’t even actually see anything going on, the ED itself is funny, which isn’t something most anime can boast about. While not really being funny in the same sense the rest of the show is, it still has its own charm, especially since all it is is them singing. I thought it was hilarious how Miyuki was singing a manly song, and singing manly too. Not just everyone singing, but the comments make the ED something that I watch every episode, which usually doesn’t happen. Most of the time I skip the ED, but not for this show.

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  1. I’m sorry if this is the wrong page to tell you this, I can’t find any other way to immediately tell you this. The fansub for Negima!? 16 is already out. Don’t you have plans of downloading it?

  2. Shinn: I haven’t gotten many requests for older shows, but I can take a look at it. However if I do blog it it won’t be right away, as I have a lot of current series its hard to keep up with what I have, so maybe when things slow down a bit.

    Nana: I have downloaded, watched, and written about it already. However Since I had a bit of a back log it was just recently and I haven’t had time to post it, but it should be up today.

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