D. Gray-Man – 32

While Allen waits for a ferry to take him back to the Order so he can continue his search for Cross, he winds up getting caught in the adventures of a group of kids who claim to have seen pirates out at sea.


This episode was pretty much the same that we’ve been getting lately from this series. Which is a tad bit of a disappointment. I had expected for the plot to pick up a bit after the halfway point though the series. Hell, there was even a huge announcement that took place over two episodes about how the Earl was mooing though with his new plan and finally getting serious, then the vegetation of one of the Generals, things were skyrocketing. Then, plop. Things got back to rather episodic events, and some that had even less plot then they did before this big new thing that’s going on. Now, this episode itself wasn’t TERRIBLE. It was a bit interesting and had an okay story, but that’s just it. It was really mediocre. I just hope that they will get into things a bit more, or at very least have a super kick ass last five episodes since they seem to be saving everything for them.

However, like I said this episode itself wasn’t bad, just doesn’t help the series that it’s a boring episode in the midst of several other boring episodes. It got a bit predictable with the drama or emotions it tired to show though, with the whole thing between the father and son. It seemed a bit cheesy, but the Akuma was kind of cool, that it was the ship itself.

Next episode brings a bit of promise of something interesting. First off, and if for nothing else, it’s a two part episode. Which means, hopefully, that the individual story, whether it has any relation to the overall plot, will be long and interesting enough that it needs those two episodes. Now, I suppose it could be a really boring story and made worse by being spread out, but it’s also backed by the fact there is Kanda, which is the most undeveloped character in the whole series. Hell, the little that Miranda has been featured in pretty much tops Kanda, which is odd since he is one of the original exorcists that were already there when Allen came, and is pretty competent. Hopefully these next two episodes will really allow for this character to shine, and back up the episodes making for the series to not have these very very long periods of dullness.

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