Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 16

Riku’s class starts work on trying to build their haunted house, while Sayuri practices for her play during the School Festival.


This episode was ok. This show has really hit a lull I think. The show has a lot of charm, just from being from its genre its fun to watch because the show is about the characters and situations, although they may be clichéd characters and situations, how they are handled is a bit different. Which means that a lot of the episodes are starting to get, and I think will continue, a bit boring. Although I’m not saying they are bad, it’s still a very fun show to watch as it doesn’t have anything you have to really concentrate on; it’s getting a tad boring. I just want to see the end when the drama will likely appear the heaviest, because although it may be Sayuri who’s the “main” girl, I really want to see how, or if things are finalized and how they deal with the other girls.

Sayuri’s part in this episode was a bit unexpected. Although I think it’s pretty obvious that she will be the girl Riku ends up with, her sudden burst of emotion and slight character advancement, which then went completely unresolved, was just a bit unexpected. Don’t get me wrong, I think that character advancement, especially for a character that is likely to end up with the guy, is good and all. But the bit they had in this episode seemed so sudden, and then were unresolved and disregarded. It points to her being jealous obviously, but of course no one in the show has the perspective to see that. Well, at least they are showing her finally showing some feelings. The one thing I disliked about Sayuri the most is she seemed so perfect and didn’t’ have any flaws, so she wasn’t that interesting. Now she is getting more worthy.

I’m a bit surprised at how popular Riku was being portrayed in this episode. They even mentioned out loud how he’s pretty much become the most popular guy in class. Hell, he had all of those girls fawning over him, when normally in a show with this kind of setting and genre you wouldn’t expect for everyone to fawn over him, just three to five girls. Not just that, but just the popularity all together. Usually, the male lead may be a very nice guy and be funny and smart, after all there has to be some reason for the select girls to go after him, but it’s still kept rather subdued. They aren’t popular at all because the show tries to connect to the viewer, a majority of which wouldn’t be the most poplar guys in their school. I’m just a bit surprised, I’m not sure how much of an effect this will have but it will seem like Riku won’t run into some of the same roadblocks that a male lead may run into in a different show, just because of his standing.

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