.hack//G.U. Reminisce – 06 [Final]

Haseo confronts Sakaki for a final time, and learns the truth about who is behind everything, and the true identity of Tri Edge.


  • Haseo gets an email from Yata telling him to go to the Serpent of Lore. Haseo logs in and we see a movie of AO and AB standing before “Tri Edge’s” coffin. The coffin disintegrates and the three Azure Knights fade away together.
  • At the Serpent of Lore, Yata tells them he’s located Sakaki. He tells them the area and Haseo takes Pi and Atoli, arguing for Atoli saying how if she doesn’t confront Sakaki she won’t get over anything that’s happened.
  • Haseo makes it though the dungeon Yata told him Sakaki was located at and finds a sign. He uses it to teleport to the Lost Grounds, the one with all the bridges. We see after they warp away the three Azure Knights approach the Sign, however Ovan is there. He says that he can’t allow them to go though there just yet. The Azure Knights advance on him and Ovan releases the lock on his arm as they rush towards him.
  • Haseo finds Sakaki in the Lost Grounds and confronts him. Sakaki is pretty much insane at this point, rambling on how he could go wrong. When Atoli confronts him Sakaki says how she’s betrayed him. He says he’s done everything for her, listening and telling her everything and then calls her a bitch for betraying him. Sakaki says there is still a chance for her to join him (Yeah, call her a bitch THEN ask her to join you….) he says with the power of AIDA he can change the world into the perfect place, with no useless emotions, not hatred or prejudice. Atoli firmly says no to him. Pi says that CC Corp. can just legally delete Sakaki’s character, that he is nothing more then a regular player. Sakaki goes even more insane saying he will not be destroyed, and then plunges some orb into him, infecting himself with AIDA.
  • Haseo fights and defeats Sakaki, causing him to fall of the bridge into the unknown. Behind them, Ovan appears and congratulates Haseo on his victory. He says he has a present for him to congratulate him, and throws him one of Tri-Edge’s blades with his hand and arm still attached, cut off at the shoulder.
  • Haseo asks if he defeated Tri Edge and Ovan says “No, you don’t…” but then stops and grunts in pain. He holds his tower arm and says that Haseo doesn’t know the truth; he doesn’t know Tri Edge’s identity. He says there isn’t much time left. He says that he will show him how those scars are formed.
  • Ovan releases the lock on his arm and his whole tower arm thing eventually breaks off and disappears, revealing that attacked to his shoulder is a long AIDA bladed tentacle, with AIDA spheres bubbling around where it connects to his shoulder. In his arm he is holding another AIDA looking blade. Pi starts to say how it’s some AIDA thing and the arm swipes and kills her lighting fast, and her PC disappears. Haseo yells for Atoli to run but the arm strikes her and she disappears. Ovan tells Haseo to let this image be burned into his mind, and he takes his normal weapon and strikes with all three at once, creating one of the “Tri-Edge” signs around Haseo. He tells Haseo to destroy him, and to meet him somewhere, and then disappears, leaving Haseo alone and devastated.
  • Haseo learns form Yata that to get to where Ovan said to meet him, he needs to activate the pillars in one of the Lost Grounds and warp there. Haseo eventually gathers the Data Seeds needed to activate the pillar and goes to confront Ovan.
  • Ovan is standing there saying that this is where all the chaos began. He says that everything has led to this point. Everything he’s done has been to makes things work out like this. Haseo asks if he is the one who PK’d Shino and Ovan says yes. He says he did it in order to motivate Haseo to become stronger. When Haseo outrageous at this Ovan says he doesn’t really understand. Haseo says he will make Ovan pay, and they fight.
  • After nearing the end, Ovan says that this is where Haseo must show his strength and destroy him. He then starts glowing and calls upon his Avatar, Corbenik, revealing he is an epitaph user much to Haseo’s shock. Haseo defeats Ovan in an Avatar battle. Ovan returns to normal and is hunched over saying that this is wrong, this isn’t the death he wanted and he disappears.
  • Yata appears and congratulates Haseo on his victory, but basically says that it doesn’t change anything. That he just PK’d “Tri Edge’ it’s only a small part of the problem. Everyone is still in comas and so forth, that this is the problem of AIDA, that they need to be able to understand it. All this has done is brought Haseo a momentary truth and bit of information, that it’s not over yet.
  • Haseo comments to himself, addressing Shino in his mind. Saying how he is tired, and wants to be done with all of this. We see Taihaku in his room in Icolo. He calmly opens his eyes form some meditation and says eh wasn’t expecting guests. He turns around and we see something rushing towards him. The screen goes black and Taihaku screams in agony.
  • Haseo gets an email from Atoli, saying that after everything that’s happened, she wants to talk. Haseo meets her in the Cathedral and they don’t really manage to say anything, expect Haseo informing Atoli that Shino was PK’d here. They stumble around words as they try and talk to each other and all of a sudden Atoli gasp in horror. Haseo asks what’s wrong and turns around to see Ovan there; about two inches form his face holding onto him. He says that Haseo needs to get stronger, strong enough to destroy him.
  • The game is officially done, but in the last Online Jack we see a report done by the teacher that has been features. She says that there are some organizations that want her to keep quite, but she will talk anyways. She says what happened after the last incident was…and they begin to show the video footage. Aihara jumps though a window and pulls the zombie kids off the teacher; however a boy in the back says that things were just getting fun. The boy is fully in control of his mind, unlike the other children and the teacher says that he must be Sakaki. The boy says the same stuff Sakaki did about controlling the real world from the online world. Aihara tells him to stop messing around, and grabs his shoulder but a shock goes though him and he falls to the ground. Police arrive just then, causing for things to end. The teacher says that Aihara is now in the hospital unconscious. She begs all the parents to stop their kids from playing the World, as it will control their children’s’ hearts.
  • In the quick trailer at the end of Vol. 2: We hear Ovan talking about a statue of a goddess used to be here, we see what seems to be Sakaki crazily saying they shall judge Haseo to see if he is innocent or guilty, Yata saying there’s no time left, Haseo questions what it I s that Ovan really wants and we hear him saying the last resort, or maybe it was the only resort and then he manages to squeeze out the word “Aina”, Haseo says he wont go back to being the Terror of Death, Haseo says the World isn’t decided on the whim of some goddess, Pi says all they can do is not run away, Then we hear about X form, Haseo says we the players make this world what it is, Gaspard and Silabus being Joy, Pi is sorrow, Alkaid is love,  Bordeaux is Hate, Atoli is Hope, Ovan is despair (This is the words Haseo says when we see each of their pictures), It ends with Haseo yelling “All the feelings I’ve carved deep into the world, are going into this one attack. Ovan, I won’t run! And I will finish this once and for all”


Woot! Although I knew a lot of what happened in Vol. 2 before I played it, it’s still exiting to see it end, but at the same time I’m trying as hard as I can to surpass the horrible waiting feelings I’m having for Vol. 3. Id have to say I’m pretty impressed with this game, as even though I knew the big stuff, some of the smaller stuff was a bit of a surprise. Anyways, I won’t talk too much about all of my collective theories this far. I’ll save that for an upcoming post. Soon I’ll have an Overall Impression post which is pretty much like a review of the game, then I’ll do a new post about the Vol. 3 Trailer since the current one is with pre Vol. 2 information, and then finally a collective theories post, so although this is the final post for this game in the summary since, its not over. I will talk below though about specific events that happened in this section.

I absolutely love Sakaki. I think he is one of the coolest and most interesting characters I’ve ever seen. Sure he is a villain, but he really is one of the best villains I’ve ever seen. One of the things that makes a villain good is if they don’t really view themselves as Evil. That they think they are doing the “good” or “right” thing. Now, although Sakaki is a bit crazy and not completely thinking he is doing a perfect goody goody thing, he still has a bit of that drive. After all, if you look on the surface of what he is doing, his goal is a world without hatred, sadness, and oppression. That doesn’t sound too bad to me on the surface. I think it’s just the fact that he is pretty much known as a good guy who talks only about justice and stuff and then shows this side that makes him interesting too.

I thought the comment Ovan made about this is where things started to go wrong and fall apart or whatever he worded it exactly was really cool. At fist I didn’t quite get what he was talking about. If this is where he got infected, or whatever. But I’m pretty sure it refers to in Roots. This is where Naobi, who is Yata, captured Ovan. Ovan’s disappearance caused the twilight Brigade to disband and kind of screwed Haseo over with feelings and what not, also leaving Shino with a feeling of abandonment. Which set her up for the PK’ing, which happened just after Ovan was released.

Online Jack was pretty interesting. Although really in this volume it didn’t really anywhere, it set up for a hell of a lot of things. The focus on Sakaki during a large part of the game and him being the main focus of Online Jack this time was interesting, as it shows that Sakaki really does have a big influence on everything. I just wonder how much more serious Online Jack is going to get, as I know Vol. 3 has to be damn serious and dark.

Although I saw the preview before, in Japanese, I still almost freaked out hearing it in English. God, Vol. 2 is such a big thing. It’s the conclusion to G.U., but unlike IMOQ Roots ties in much closer to the games then Sign did, and GU in general is so much darker, dealing with actual humans and emotions, not just faceless monstrous forms of some Wave. GU really is big and seeing all of those little remarks were so damn cool, I really did freak out. The talk about the goddess, Ovan saying things about the last resort, and Aina.

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  1. Unfortunately…The story goes completely apeshit in the 3rd volume. Without giving too much away, it- Well, it’s more than slightly disappointing. Glad you liked the game, though! ^_^

  2. They can’t do anything to the story that wouldn’t still make it interesting. All of G.U. has been great and no matter how odd of an ending, it would never be disappointing to me and I know many many others.

  3. I agree with Xebek, however, I heard the end of Vol.3 has NOTHING to do with AIDA, so in a way, I agree with Chan. They should have had AIDA till the very end or make Cubia AIDA…

  4. anumys: Please try and refrain from posting short bursts consecutively like that, try and consolidate the posts more. And don’t be so eager for a response, this isn’t monitored that closely by thousands of people, may be a while before anyone responds.

    I don’t really think they did it that early, as it fit its purpose in the plot rather nicely.

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