Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 12 [Final]

Its graduation time for Seioh School, and the Student Council members…and Momo all talk about the memories and what they are going to do now.


I thought this episode was amazing. It was a perfect episode and it brought a wonderful end to this very fun to watch series. I really got caught up in watching the show to become about everyone trying to change the school, and I’m glad that this last episode didn’t focus at all on that. I had wanted there to be some big resolve where they not only got that school festival, but maybe stopped the school merger. Hoping for the last episode to be a giant rally against it or something However, although this episode couldn’t be further from that end, I absolutely loved it and I’m really glad that it didn’t’ turnout like I had first hoped it would. I thought the way they handled it was absolutely excellent. It was just nice and relaxing, really focusing on the characters and all the relationships and memories they had made, rather then some real big event. Really, that’s what this whole show was about. The school festival really wasn’t what most of the series was about; it was jus really the biggest event that happened. The real point of this show was about the memories and relationships, and the very slow and relaxing, charming episode was a perfect example and end to that.

I loved the credits on this final episode. Showing what everyone was doing after graduation like Mei at the university, Manabi working various jobs, and so on. I thought it was neat because one thing that I think a lot of shows need to have that they don’t always have is a good epilogue. I love it when a show shows a bit about what happens after an event climaxes, in this case after graduation and everyone going their separate ways. Which makes the end of the credits even greater. I loved that they showed them a year and almost a half later. Although the very ending sequence was pretty much the OP that they had shown, it was different since they were all in their post high school cloths, although none of them really looked much different. It was still a cool ending, making the OP song and all seem much more important as it brought forth a close.

I guess the thing I liked the most about this episode was, like I said, just the summarizing of the different relationship and memories. I really like dhow they talked about graduating from High School and moving on, because I don’t think there are too many anime that really deal with that. Sure there are some that show post high school life and some that end with high school ending, or so on. However this really addressed the memories they had, the relationships, and how they would all remain together but still having to be apart.

Final Words:

I think a lot of people first watched this show; I did probably, because of just the premise that it was comprised of cute characters. Although they aren’t lolis in the sense of age, they looked very cute and the way they were drawn made it fun to watch them though whatever. However, the show soon became about the humor created form the eccentricity of Manabi. Despite them being loli’esque or whatever, it was a very fun show to watch. Not the funniest, not burst out laughing though the entire thing, and the relationships and back-stories, although there, weren’t as mind blowing and epic as some shows. However, the characters and the little bits of humor really seemed to make this show feel rather fresh. It mixed not doing much with small events, not really being about the event per say, but in all of the interaction of the characters in doing that event or getting ready for it. The show really boils down to being about the interaction between the characters, and the great chemistry they showed.

I do have to mention Momo in particular as a character. Although this show had great characters al throughout, Momo defiantly stuck out to me as my favorite character, and I know many others. Which, when you really think about it may seem a little odd. I mean, she was the least featured character of all of the main girls. Hell, in the end she never was technically even in the Student Council, which is what brought together the other characters. I know in the end they said that Muchi wasn’t in the council but I could have sworn she signed as some assistant. But hell, council or not Muchi was in the show a lot. Not only that, but most of the characters got some bit of serious delving into their story and what made them… them. Mei had the whole past of being forced to do stuff of others, Muchi and Mei had a history, and then there was the friendship episode between Mei and Mikan. Manabi had a focus of if she was doing the right thing, or if they could something. However, Momo remained throughout the entire series as a very very undeveloped and virtually unseen character. Still, for all that against her, she was hilarious! Most of the funniest moments in the entire show were with Momo. Everything she did was funny for the most part. The way she acted, and did small random things while others were working. Perhaps it’s the lack of serious development that made her so funny, but whatever it was she was a great character. The show wouldn’t have been as funny or great without her, but the serious focus of the show wouldn’t have changed.

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  1. Likewise, I really love this anime. It was really lighthearted, yet not boring at all when you piece all of those slice of life events all together. I’ve got to admit, my favourite character got to be Mikan. Serving as the loli character among the loli cast (Yeah she was that much of a loli), and she served as a very important character which brought all of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.
    I’d much, recommend this to my friends. The drawings are great, and the BGM, soundtracks, etc are perfect. Somehow I managed to get all of the soundtrack albums, character CDs, without realizing. The pieces are amazing, especially “A Happy Life” (The OP) being sung by all 5 seiyuus.
    Only disappointment was that they didn’t develop on Momo alot. (Or I should say, an underdeveloped character.) She has the least screentime, and nothing about her past was mentioned. Even in the Original Soundtrack II, her song was sung all alone, while there were the Mikan Manabi and Mei Mutsuki songs.

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