Character Profile: Kawasumi Mai

Hai hai! It’s me, Xeby-chan again. Xebek’s been busy with a whole lot of stuff so he hasn’t had time to go crazy enough for me to pop out, so I haven’t been able to do any of the fun Character Profile or Editorial posts brought to you by the cutest loli, me! :D

Anyhoo, without further delay I bring you the Character Profile for Mai, more to come!


Name: Kawasumi Mai
Anime: Kanon, Kanon Remake
Game: Kanon
Birthday: January 29, 1981
Age: 17-18
Measurements: 89 – 58 – 86

  • Has mysterious power to make wishes come true. Has used it to save her mom’s life and used it to create demons when she wanted to believe a lie.
  • Was friends with Yuuichi ten years before his return to the town, and met him again. He helped her defeat the demons she was creating.
  • Is best friends with Kurata Sayuri.


Mai is really a great character. Although, I think that it’s mostly obvious from the fact that I’m doing a post on her. However, really I think one of the things that makes Mai such a fun character to watch is how she is part of a certain cliché and genre, but also different. There is plenty of reason why she is an interesting character, form a serious perspective. Things like her background and back-story. She has plenty of serious stuff that makes her a great actual character, but I’ll talk about that later. Really, the one thing that I love about her is how funny of a character she really is and just very fu to watch. It’s almost odd to say that she is fun to watch, because at first glance she is a very shy closed up person. How can someone who hardly talks or has anything to do with other people be funny and enjoyable to watch? However, it’s not so much being shy that defines her character, it’s a bit because of her apathetic-ness. Events like just blandly stating things, times when she just goes along with stuff without second guess, even if normal people don’t go along with things like that. When Yuuichi jokes that they are meeting for a secret love affair and she just says nothing, it turns a normal situation that another anime may have where the girl reacts in embarrassment or surprise, freaking out, Mai says nothing and causes the effect on Yuuichi. Just ordinarily thing seem really cute when Mai does it. Normally if a person said Honey Bear and Furry Racoon or whatever it was for yes and no, it wouldn’t be as funny. It would still have some humor there just because its odd, but he way Mai say s it with no emotion, but still goes along with saying something like that instead of yes and no makes it just great.

Of course, Mai also is a great character because of the serious aspects of her character. Having her first and only friend, who befriended her when she felt like a freak and that she was hated by all. He comes around and then when he leaves she wants to believe the lie is real, making the demons. It’s rather tragic just from her characters start, but then she appears as closed off, which could be part of the trauma before. Then dealing with the demons, hurting herself as she continually strives for years for her old friend, then having to learn the truth and have it be that basically she has been causing pain to all those around her, then trying to kill herself. She really has a very interesting story, everything combined – tragic past, supernatural powers, loosing those close to her, and so on.

In the flashback to Mai’s past, when she was with her mother, was very very cute. Not just the fact that she herself was cute, because of course almost all anime, girl, characters when at that age will end up being shown as cute. But her actions and just everything about hat event was so touching and cute. The way she made hundreds of sow bunnies so it could feel like her and her mother were at the zoo, my god, I almost cried. Mai has a great back-story and past and while what was going to happen to her mother was tragic and sad, yet the way Mai tried to help out was so god damn cute. Then of course things turn out to be fine because of her powers, but still it was a touching story and very cute still.

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Kawasumi Mai”

  1. Mai is my favourite Kanon character, and I wanted to write a character profile about her as well. Well, you beat me to it! I will probably write a profile anyway just because I’m fascinated by her personality. :)

  2. Hey Xebek, firstly i would like to thank you for the great character profiles.

    Coincidentally, kawasumi mai and setsuna are 2 of my favourite anime girls. I think both characters have very similar traits. For e.g, they rarely talk, they are secondary characters yet made an impact in their respective animes.

    Another anime girl i like is Saber from fate stay nite. It seems that i really prefer anime girls who are stoic-like in nature and rarely talks huh?haha weird coz its not the way i think in reality.

    It’s good that i found someone whom i can share my opinions with, keep up the great work.

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