Nanoha StrikerS – 06

The four forwards train while Hayate goes to get assistance from and old friend in order to investigate the smuggling trail that the Relic was on.


I really liked this episode. It was good in a different way then the other episodes were. Although this episode didn’t really have a lot of action, or even character development, it was very heavy on plot. Not that it actually went somewhere with it, but it introduced and made the problem much more visible, which I think will really help the show out. If there is a clear problem or connection to these drones then it will make what they are doing seem all the more important, and really from what they’ve shown already, I find it very very interesting. There is not only the doctor and the deal with him, but the connection between the Lost Logia technology he is using for he drones. Then of course there are all the test tube people, which likely have yet another connection with why he wants Lost Logia. How the doctor and the test tube people tie in with Fate and Erio’s origins, and then these two new people we’ve mysteriously seen. It’s all pretty interesting and I think one of the things that will make this plot more interesting is the way it will end up connecting with everything.

The two empty test tubes they showed in the Doctor’s lab, and then the two new people they showed at the end were probably the most interesting part of this episode. I’m still not sure if those empty test tubes are for the two new people, or if they some how tie in with both Erio and Fate somehow. The both of them have mysterious origins like that, so it’s possible they were created that way. However, right now I’m more inclined to say they are the new people. I would think that if they got a hold of Erio it would have been though another way then him just walking out of the doctor’s lab, and I would think that Fate was too long ago to be coming from that particular lab. The two new people could easily have just been created. However, it’s still really shaky because the girl from the two new people has the same kind of weapon that Caro has, so perhaps she is from the dragon clan or has summoning powers. If that’s true, I’m not sure if they would be able to manipulate and create that in a person, let alone get them with the weapon that Caro had with her when she first started. They stressed that just enough for it to be a hint that it will be important, so I’m thinking it shows some kind of connection between new pink haired girl and current pink haired girl. Either way, things are still very mysterious but at least they are really bringing the plot out in the open now, so even if things don’t get as exciting because of action scenes or any drama and character advancement, the plot is very nicely coming though and I think that will be enough to tie things together.

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