.hack//G.U. Reminisce – 05

Haseo gets news of a huge problem at Moon Tree where Sakaki has started to overthrow Zelkova, using Atoli’s power and AIDA’s.


  • There’s an Online Jack where they were investigating the connection between Moon Tree and Doll Syndrome. They say the email the teacher got was from a missing student who is in Moon Tree. They say they feel themselves getting more and more violent each day but they can’t stop, Sakaki won’t let them. The teacher goes in the school alone and eventually finds in the computer Room the five missing children and the computer screens all go red and the children advance on her like zombies, and it ends there.
  • There’s a thread on the massage boards asking about Haseo and Endrance’s skill they used in the arena. Some guesses are that it ties in to the Forest of Pain, since Haseo completed it but some say only Haseo and Taihaku completed that. There are some that say they were both .hackers and it’s a skill left over from that, which would be true if Sora is indeed Haseo, but not why they have the “skill”
  • We see Atoli talking to Sakaki alone. He says he has a job for her. He eventually says how Atoli must atone for her sins and starts getting evil. He says how she has been hiding and concealing, for her to show him the little girl under her mask. She then hears AIDA and some stuff appears around them when Sakaki waves his hand. He starts blaming Atoli saying how the AIDA server was born because of her and that many people were hurt. She must atone for her sins. He asks whose fault was it that Bordeaux drowned in power. And Alkaid as well, he says she’s responsible for their deaths. He keeps shooting her down and saying she’s a terrible person, that she’s always to blame for everything bad that’s recently happened and she starts to believe him.
  • Atoli weeps and asks for Sakaki’s help. He says that the world hates and loathes her, but he will forgive her, therefore she must obey him and his wishes. If she ever leaves him she will be plunged into the darkness of eternal solitude. It’s her only chance of not being alone for the rest of her life. He tells her to close her eyes and relax, and the screen goes black and Atoli screams.
  • Haseo goes to the emperor crowning ceremony and goes though the festivities, celebrating. Near the end Pi, Kuhn, and Kaede all run up to him. Something big is happening in Moon Tree. There has been an uprising and Zelkova has been PK’d and Moon Tree was taken over by Sakaki’s followers. Kaede says that Atoli was the one who PK’d Zelkova, but she looked like she was just some empty shell. There were AIDA stuff around her and the whole area.
  • Haseo, Pi, and Kuhn head over there to try and help but they are blocked when they try and warp in. Pi says there may be another way, and asks Haseo what he got in the AIDA server. Haseo gives her the item O-van01 and she says she will give this to Yata to find a backdoor. Haseo logs out and we see Pi giving the key to Yata, and he says they will find a way after they make a copy of this key, saying how ironic of a name it is for a key.
  • There is a news article and mention on the forum about Haseo being two division undefeated emperor in the World, a never before done before event so much that it makes the news and people on the forums are commenting that it made it there.
  • Haseo logs on and after collecting data seeds, teleports into Moon Tree’s headquarters via a Tri Edge sign in one of the Lost Grounds. There, he finds Nala who attempts to help him, saying that Atoli and Sakaki should be in the Throne Room. They eventually make their way though, having to defeat Matsu and Hirragi. When they finally get there, there is a bright white light and Haseo finds himself separated from Kuhn, Endrance, and Nala.
  • Haseo is in a white school hallway and sees shadows of people all over, while noises echo through the halls of normal chit chat you’d hear in a school. Haseo keeps going and eventually finds himself in an infinitely white space with some desks, in the center a black shadowy figure of Atoli sitting there.
  • The Atoli figure keeps muttering about how unpopular of a girl she was, how everyone hated her and she tried her best to fit in but no one wanted to be her friend, no one would look at her or pay any attention to her, how she felt worthless no matter what she did. Haseo asks what this is and from a floating platform about Sakaki says these are Atoli’s Memories. The real Atoli is suspended in air next to him and is uttering the same stuff as the black shadowy Atoli. It continues to say how miserable she was and how much she hated her life and herself.
  • Haseo asks why Sakaki is doing this and he just says to better understand people. That he gave Atoli what Haseo, who only knew PKK’ing couldn’t. He was there for her, he listened to her and spent time with her, consoled her. He gave her something that she wasn’t’ able to get in the real world, friendship and companionship.
  • Sakaki says how he will use the power of AIDA and the Epitaphs to rule the online world and use the power to soon control the real world, where he will purge it of unhappiness and sadness. Create a new world where no one is mistreated, and asks Atoli who is in a stupor if that’s what she wants, and she groans and agrees. Sakaki I tells Atoli to awaken, and use her power to cleanse the world, and Atoli awakens as an Epitaph user, summoning Innis.
  • Haseo fights against Innis, Sakaki seeing all this and yelling at Atoli to absorb Haseo’s Epitaph power. The more power of the epitaphs that he can give to AIDA, the more power AIDA will have and the power he will command will be immeasurable. He says it’s just like “he” said it would be.
  • Haseo defeats Innis, and separates the AIDA from it. The AIDA all disappears and Sakaki yells this can’t be. The fake world disappears and Haseo finds himself back at Moon Tree throne room with Sakaki. Sakaki soon just teleports away, leaving Haseo there. Endrance, Kuhn, and Nala come up saying they had lost Haseo. They see Atoli on the ground and when she recovers she says how everything is her fault, like Sakaki convinced her, that she is the reason everyone is hurt. Haseo gives her this tough love speech saying that if she wants to do anything about that she has to stop crying and just go forward, that he is there with her.
  • Zelkova arrives and aggress with Haseo, telling Atoli everything will be all right. Nala says that things seem to be ok for now, and Zelkova reveals that Nala is Yata. Nala confesses and says that he just wanted to be prepared, and he was watching things unfold. They get world that everyone is logging back on, and so dozens and dozens didn’t go into a coma because of this, that Matsu and Hirragi and the rest Haseo defeated are fine. Haseo asks Nala/Yata were Sakaki is and he says he is investigating that, and will give him word when he finds something.


Online Jack is getting much more interesting. At first, especially in Vol. 1 I had just wrote Online Jack off as just a rather purely humor segment, but it really does seem to pretty much be the Liminality of G.U. It’s a story about the real life effects that events in the game are having. What I’m really wondering about is how Online Jack is going to be affected when the Sakaki thing is affected. Right now it seems to be Sakaki’s real life self is playing a part in all this, so unless Sakaki is continually an enemy in Vol. 3, things will have to happen in Online Jack to keep it going. Although, whatever happens I think it will just become more interesting, because the thing that makes all of everything happening in the game any slightly bit important is that it’s a game effecting real life. Showing those effects is what Online Jack is about, and it’s pretty good.

One of the more interesting parts about this whole Sakaki segment was just when Sakaki mentioned “It’s just like he said it would be” So obvious even though Sakaki is some genius for a 10 year old and wants to take over, he was still let on to all of this by someone. Someone who is almost certainly Ovan. Sakaki had to figure this out somewhere; I’m just not sure what reason there would be for Ovan to want Sakaki to do something. And if it’s not Ovan, who the hell else would have told Sakaki about all of that.

I thought one of the more interesting parts of this was the character development of Atoli. I don’t know if they are going to talk about this any further or not, but it’s really an interesting story. There’s a reason why she got “The Mirage of Deceit’ it wasn’t random or anything. I think its really cool how that was showed. She’s always so bright and cheerful online, but she’s miserable offline and hates her life, doesn’t fit in and is basically the complete opposite. Hence, she doesn’t show her real self, which is the Mirage of Deceit bit. I heard, don’t think this is spoiling too much, that she was planning on killing herself but met Sakaki on some online message board and he helped her out and introduced her to the world. So Sakaki was defiantly there, he seemingly stopped her form killing herself, but just the whole being someone and showing a completely different side is a really cool story about Atoli.

Again something I have to mention that I still find really cool is all of the small and subtle things they have on the forums. Within this segment they again mentioned the .hackers, and Balmung. It was interesting that they were asking about what skill Haseo and Endrance use dint he arena, someone saying that there was a rumor they were both .hackers. Just the mention of the .hakcers from IMOQ makes that just really cool. And Endrance for sure is one, and if you count the Sign characters, so is Haseo. Even though that itself isn’t the reason they have the skill, its still a neat addition. Then, the mention of the famous player from R:1. They don’t say his name but they show a fan art pic of him and it’s obviously Balmung. They just continue to be really cool because of being with .hack since back then.

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  1. Don’t worry. Balmung’s player is still in ‘The World’, and he’s a guy who’s pretty famous in the Arena.

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