.hack//G.U. Reminisce – 04

Haseo finishes fighting in the tournament, facing off agaisnt Bordeux and finding out that she was the one who PK’d Alkaid.


  • Haseo goes with Atoli to train and tells her what happened to Alkaid. Atoli starts blaming herself, that if her epitaph wasn’t stolen maybe AIDA wouldn’t have spread and maybe Sirius wouldn’t have gotten infected, but Haseo says its not her fault, its AIDA’s
  • Haseo decides to find Endrance, as its one of the things Alkaid said when she was disappearing. He gets an email from Ovan saying if he wants to find Endrance to go to a certain Lost Ground. Haseo does and finds Sakubo, Saku, there in front of Endrance trapped in ice. She goes on crazily about how Haseo wont’ take Endrance away from her, and we see some AIDA around her. Haseo sees that she’s been infected, but her power is much bigger. She then calls Gorre, revealing she’s an epitaph user and Haseo fights and defeats her.
  • Sakubo returns to normal and Haseo talks to Bo now, who says he needs to help Endrance. Haseo talks to Endrance and he is all depressed saying there’s no reason for him to be alive, that Mia was the only one who ever needed him and so on. Haseo says that’s a load of crap, that he needs him, and so on and seems to get to Endrance. He says if he decides to help, he’ll be at the arena.
  • Haseo fights in his next match with Pi, as Endrance didn’t show up. They fight Bordeaux who is clearly visibly infected with AIDA. As the fight goes on she sends out some black AIDA arms that trap Haseo and almost get him but Endrance shows up and destroys them. He says how he will lend his power to Haseo. The AIDA Bordeaux is infected with transforms to its true shape and Haseo defeats it. After the fight Sakaki says to himself that a looser is always a looser, that the power of AIDA was too much for her.
  • Haseo gets Endrance’s member address and Sakubo gives him hers too, because if Endrance is going to be friends with Haseo she has to keep an eye on him.
  • Haseo goes to fight in the title match against Sirius and so he invites Pi and Endrance. However Atoli comes up and says that she wants to help, that it’s all her fault but again Pi and Haseo say it’s too dangerous. Kuhn show sup and says he’ll go out there for her, and takes Pi’s place. So Haseo, Endrance, and Kuhn fight against Sirius and AO and AB
  • Eventually they get information that AB and AO aren’t real, that there are no character ID so they attack Sirius. He eventually transforms to the AIDA that’s controlling him and when Haseo defeats it, it frees Atoli’s Epitaph. After it’s disappeared, AO and AB still stand there, but then two lights appear and go behind them. Then the two bodies fall down dead and behind them are tow more AO and AB’s who killed them. The dead ones disappear into AIDA and then the real AO and AB disappear with Tri Edge in his coffin.
  • Sirius wakes up from his defeat, un-infected and explains why all this happened, how he wanted power. But Haseo gets pissed and says that its because he let himself get taken over that Alkaid…Haseo can’t say the rest but Endrance just says it straight-out that she was PK’d by AIDA, her character disappeared, and she went comatose in the real world, much to Kuhn’s shock and surprise.
  • Later, Pi explains that the AIDA that had Atoli’s epitaph was using the power of the Mirage of deceit to create the fakes of AO and AB. Sakaki then comes and thanks Haseo for curing Atoli, and tells Atoli to come with him so she does.


I loved the Gorre fight. Not that it was super good in the actual mechanics of the battle. Although that wasn’t bad, that’s not what I’m referring to. I just thought the actual fight itself was hilarious. Gorre kept with the whole twin thing, but it seemed both parts o it showed the personality in battle. No one else’s’ avatar has really shown a personality, yet Gorre kept fighting with itself. Telling the other one to hurry up, or not to be a bully, and to shut up. I loved the data drain sequence when they both were face to face yelling for the other one to “Hurry up, we have to destroy him” “I know, don’t bully me.” “Shut up’ and then there were just the normal comments every time the fight switched from Saku personality to the Bo personality. It was just odd that the fight itself was funny, and I really enjoyed it.

Now, as for the actual Sakubo involvement, we finally got it here but I still feel that it was rather rushed and not that interesting. I mean hell, Sakubo is one of the eight Epitaph users but all they did was have us fight Gorre, Sakubo recovers, and then joins up. That’s it, there’s no instigation of back story to Sakubo, and Yata hasn’t said anything about Sakubo, since he should know since he has tabs on the Epitaph users for the most part. Hell, even though Sakubo is now a party member and is appearing in the story, she’s still a very un-important character. I just hope that she actually gets some back-story and character advancement, at least in Vol. 3. I don’t know how much more they can put in Vol. 2 without it being obvious it’s just randomly thrown in, but I was a tad disappointed at how little they involved her. Her epitaph segment was done in a quick burst, finding out about it, the fight, and her introduction to everything. They didn’t even talk about it or have to introduce Sakubo to the others.

Now with Sakubo, all that remains is Ovan and Yata for Haseo to find. I still find it a little odd that Haseo doesn’t suspect that maybe the leader of G.U. who knows everything about epitaphs and is all knowledgeable isn’t an Epitaph user. Yes I know, I don’t think he’s awakened yet, but still he hasn’t even questioned him if he’s one or not. And then Ovan, I would think that someone as amazingly hugely suspicious and mysterious as him would give off some alarm that he may be an Epitaph User since he seems to know everything about them as well.

I thought it was really really cool that there was a post on the Akapallu forums about Piros and Natsume. I know Natsume sis a party member in Vol. 3, and you have Piros now and all. What really surprised me and I just thought it was amazingly cool and neat was that they mentioned that they were two of the legendary .hackers, although not really focusing on that of course. Because, well, they are. Even though they are minor they are .hackers and I’m sure it’s not really going to be mentioned much in the actual story about their involvement in IMOQ, so this little one on the forums was cool. There was also a post about Houka, which I found really cool. Although she isn’t really a .hacker, maybe she is because of what she did in Udeden, but not really. Anyway, whatever she “Is” she was in past .hack installments so it’s cool to just see a quick mention of her, even if she’s not in the real story or appears in the game.

2 thoughts on “.hack//G.U. Reminisce – 04”

  1. Just a little nitpicky point, but your first sentence there is a typo since Bordeaux PK’d Alkaid, not Atoli…

    But yeah, I agree about Sakubo. While the character will get some backstory in Part 3, I don’t think he/she should have joined up in Part 2 at all… he/she just seemed really tacked on, especially considering Saku still hates Haseo with a vengeance.

    As far as Yata goes… I’m not sure if he really hasn’t awakened yet. After all, his Lost Weapon is the only one that’s already been removed by the time Haseo finds that area, isn’t it?

  2. No, Ovan’s is. Yata’s is still there, although that itself is a give away as to who is Fidchell, since its a fan and Yata is a dance Macabre. But no, I don’t think he’s awakened. But it is indeed Ovan’s weapon which is the one that’s already gone as far as the Lost Weapons for Epitaph users goes.

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