Nagasarete Airantou – 05

Ikuto helps Yukino look for Kuma Kuma after she goes missing.


This episode was ok, not the best so far. It goes with the theme that the show has of not really having anything concrete about it, everything’s rather episodic and this didn’t really change that. The individual story wasn’t that interesting for this episode though, honestly it seemed a little bit boring. However the redeeming part of this episode was just Yukino being a part of it. She is very cute character, as is expected since she is the youngest and the designated cute character. She hasn’t been involved much so I suppose it’s good to get everything involved. I just wonder what they are going to do after everyone’s gotten an episode centered on them. I suppose they’ll just do more random episodes, perhaps still featuring one character or just do some joint ones. The characters that stick out in my mind as not having much involvement would be the scientist girl. Everyone else has gotten some advancement. Although the scientist girl did appear when Ikuto was picking mushrooms, she hasn’t gotten her own episode, but a lot of characters have just been in it frequently with no focus either. We’ll just have to see where things go, as for now it’s still a pretty solid series but it seems like it will stay in this episodic nature, but with the way it’s being presented here it’s not a bad thing at all. Hell, it may even hurt the show if it stars having a central focus or plot, except for maybe some advancement between Ikuto and Suzu.

I guess they opted not to go with the whole half episode thing this time. I suppose since the show is rather random still, the episodes that are only half as long will just be sporadically spread throughout the series. I don’t really see where the story could get serious enough to develop a plot and need to have a string of dedicated episodes, so because of lack of structure these half episodes really could pop up anywhere. Honestly, they both seem fine to me. The half episodes have the advantage of getting right to things and not dragging out, but the individual story or character involvement is more when it’s full. Either way, its just interesting that a show would have both and have it be rather random.

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