Lucky Star – 05

Its summer time and the girls all go to a summer festival where they see their teacher and Konata’s cousin Yui. They then later talk about summer in general as they all spend it different ways.


Wow, it’s sad how much this episode connected to me on an actual personal level. Not that I’m so engrossed with the show that I’m worshiping it, but just the events portrayed specially in this episode really did connect. In fact, I think that’s one of the things that makes this show funny is that even though Konata is rather unique character and does a lot of slacking off, she really does things just like a lot of viewers would do. It’s not just her either, although she’s a big part of it. This episode and the whole series in general really does have some of those “I’ve done that” or “I know exactly what she means or feels” moments to them which really make the show connect. It may be partially because I play some MMOs, but there are other more normal life stuff like just the slacking off from doing homework, or what Yui said to do and just write something that looks like you worked on it.

I absolutely loved the part where Konata said that when you learn something from Tsukasa it feels like you’ve really failed. I thought that was just so hilarious, but at the same time I felt sorry for Tsukasa too. I also really liked Konata’s speech about how you have to get three of something, one for preservation, one to look at, and one extra. I’m going to try as hard as I cant o actually say that or use that line sometime, whether it be in real life or somewhere online. Konata truly is the epitome of otakuism, not portraying the super super nerdy kind that you sometimes see, but showing someone who is obsessed with them that they seem to be an expert to the point that it’s a philosophy. That’s one of the continually best parts about the show is how Konata preaches and explains things like she’s surprised others don’t know it. It goes back to what I said above about the show really connecting with people, as the viewers of the show are likely to connect with a lot of the otaku peachiness of the church of Konata.

Lucky Channel does seem to be loosing some of its charm, but I still think it’s rather fun to watch. I don’t really know what its missing, as I can’t really think of anything in particular. Akira is still by far the best part about it, and is still and seems like she will remain my second favorite character in the series. Her personality completely makes all of Lucky Channel what it is, but with only that to go on it can wear a bit thin without some good content for her personality to go nuts on.

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  1. I don’t think the director switch has affected this show in a negative way. I would probably not have noticed a director switch had the studio not announced it. Then again, the switch is from one very high profile director to another of equally high profile director, so the quality of the show should not diminish.
    I do wonder what they’re going to talk about for the remaining 20ish episodes. The pace of this anime seems to be going quite fast, and none of the stories drag on. I hope they don’t run out of ideas.

  2. This has to be one of my favorite episodes so far. Konata, I have to say is my favorite character out the three girls. I do like the other girls but Konata is actually more like me than the rest.

    BTW, I like Konata so much I got her as my header image for my blog.

  3. I forgot to say this. My favorite part of this episode was the part with the girls talking into the fan. I don’t know why but I really found that to be hilarious. I guess its because I’ve done the same thing before myself.

    This series is so much like you say about the “I’ve done that” factor.

  4. Just a nitpick Xebek, sorry if I sound annoying, but you’ve spelt Konata’s name wrong a few times already.

    More on topic: I liked how Konata was humming the Suzumiya OP melody and randomly singing fragments of lyrics, still managing to sound like Konata instead of Haruhi. The small easter eggs throughout the episodes are fun to spot.

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