.hack//G.U. Reminisce – 02

Haseo finally escapes from the AIDA server and tries to figure out what to do next and how to recover Atoli’s Epitaph.


  • Haseo is saved when suddenly someone descends form the sky, and another ascends from the ground below. The two of them defeat the AIDA with one combined sword slash and then land, growling with a kind of animal instinct that Tri Edge has. Haseo wonders who they are, and then behind them appears a coffin with Tri Edge in it, and he snaps his eyes open. Haseo tries to move forward but is then forcefully logged out of the game.
  • We find out that although all this was happening for a while, it only took place within a few minutes in real life. Haseo gets an email from Atoli saying her voice is back IRL, but her hand is paralyzed where her PC data began to degenerate in the game. She says the doctors say it’s a symptom of Doll Syndrome.
  • On Online Jack Salvador visits a professor who has been studying doll syndrome. He mentions some of the recent events and when asked about the words “Skeith, Innis, and Magus” which were written on the walls the says they are names of three of the waves in the Epitaph of Twilight, so there is a connection between it and the game The World.
  • Haseo logs on and meets up with Atoli who has regained her voice. She says that things are ok now, even though her hand is still paralyzed, but she wont’ quit the world. Haseo heads over to Raven where Kuhn and Yata are arguing. Kuhn says that Yata should make all the information public. He’s enraged that everyone thinks nothing happened, and if they don’t do something it could become worse and people will go into comas. (Wow, he sounds like he’s had first hand experience with being in a coma :D) Haseo is also angry at how things are going, that Yata does nothing. However he says the server shouldn’t be shut down like Kuhn wants, because then he can’t save Shino. Kuhn gets furious and said he’s had enough, and leaves saying he’s done with all of this. Haseo eventually leaves as well, saying he will continue to work with Yata so long as he keeps up his promise.
  • Haseo gets an email from Ovan saying to meet him at the Cathedral because he wants to help. Haseo comes but says that his reason for wanting to help is crap. Ovan asks if Haseo wants to know the truth about why Shino fell into a coma, Tri-Edge’s identity, and the secrets of the Epitaph. He says all of them come back and point at a single entity. Haseo guesses AIDA and Ovan says he’s right. Ovan tells him to pursue AIDA, because everything he needs can be found that way. He says that Epitaphs call AIDA, and AIDA calls Epitaphs.
  • Ovan says that only a small truth appears in front of an Epitaph, that if he wishes to know the entire truth he needs to gather all eight phases of Morganna. Ovan leaves, and Haseo sets out to try and find the three remaining Epitaph users he’s yet to find.
  • Haseo gets an email about the new city opening up, and after checking out his new guild home, Haseo sees Sirius walking and Alkaid trying to catch up with him. Sirius starts acting weird and maniacal, yelling how its all his and she’s just trying to take it form him. He laughs evilly and yells at her, leaving the city. Haseo tries to confront Alkaid but she says nothing.
  • Haseo gets another email from saying that Yata has found AIDA traces in the data from the Arena Battle in the Title Match, the Arena where Sirius fought. Haseo guesses his actions have something to do with it, so he goes to ask Alkaid. After going on a mission with her, Alkaid tells him Sirius has been acting weird ever since he hooked up with a winged guy and a naked guy, who se see in some flashes are the zombie like Orca and Balmung, which I will no call AO and AB. She says how Sirius used to be so proud, that she wanted to be like him but lost herself in wanting to beat Haseo that she lost who she was trying to be, like Sirius.
  • Alkaid asks if Haseo will enter the Holy Palace Tournament with her to try and get to Sirius so they can talk to him. Alkaid takes back what she says, saying how it is too much to ask but eventually Haseo agrees. They go to register for the Tournament and Haseo must give up his Demon Palace Emperor Title to enter. He does so and Alkaid is impressed by him giving up his title. When Haseo explains that it doesn’t matter, she says how he like how Sirius used to be, and starts to really warm up to Haseo saying she hopes he’ll call her for more adventures.
  • Haseo gets an email saying the registration is now open, and when he heads there he runs into Pi who says that the AIDA signal was in fact coming from Sirius. Also there has been an increase in Illegally modified players since the AIDA server incident, and that AIDA is now affecting players, which means its spreading and growing.
  • Haseo meets Atoli at the registration and since they need a Cleric to stand a good chance, Atoli volunteers to help after realizing he’s doing all this because of her, since Sirius’s AIDA may have her epitaph. Haseo eventually registers and prepares to fight in the Holy Palace Tournament.


I really liked Ovan’s appearance at the Cathedral. It was rather surprising, as so far from the game he has still remained such a mysterious character that he only appears really briefly. Hopefully this will mean he will appear more. His character at this point in the story is really interesting. I know about him, but won’t reveal it here for spoiler reasons, but right now its very mysterious what his objectives are. He seems to help out and doesn’t seem evil, yet at the same time just from being so mysterious he gives off that vibe. It’s hard to say the mood exactly when he appears. I liked his talk about how all the things: Shino’s coma, Tri-Edge, and the Epitaphs point to a single entity. Although Ovan said Haseo is right when he said AIDA, I also think that it points to him, since his arm is all…:D

Finally we’re getting some Alkaid advancement. It’s not a secret that I love Alkaid. She’s the best damn character in the game. Ok, maybe not really, some more interesting ones, but she is by far my favorite of the girls that are contending for Haseo. I’m gad they really gave her some advancement here. I’m not going to say how its good for the story because it’s a non epitaph user being rather important, because the main reason I love her inclusion is because I love…her.

Kuhn still not appearing again is a bit of a surprise. The whole argument that took place between Kuhn and Yata, and even then when Haseo joined in was great. I loved how they really started to add drama to everything. It’s more then just fighting AIDA, because this fight really sowed how differing views can affect things greatly. Kuhn being Sieg really makes since when you look at how he reacted to everything. He seemed to try as hard as he could to avoid more people going into a coma, saying how big of a deal it is for them to go into it only for a few minutes. Having first hand experience of being in a coma would give that kind of resolve. Still, although I don’t’ expect Kuhn to be gone of ever, I’m a bit surprised they haven’t shown him at all. He doesn’t have to be back working with Raven, but still he has yet to be seen.

I’m also a bit surprised that they haven’t shown Sakubo yet. I mean, again they haven’t just shown him/her in passing. Well, yes they did show her really quickly being all multiple personality disorder talking to Endrance frozen in the lake, but beyond that nothing. It’s surprising because she is one of the epitaph users after all. They already revealed that in-game because she could see Haseo’s avatar. She’s got to have a big part eventually, as I know from trailers that Haseo discovers and fights Gorre. But for being an epitaph user, which is pretty important, her involvement thus far is surprisingly low.

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