Mid Spring Season Anime Impressions

Ok, its probably a bit late in the series to be doing a first impression of the shows that have aired, but I still wanted to do an overview of the shows that I have been blogging and watching, and give my impressions. All of the shows that I wanted to see have aired at least one episode except for Aono whatever, which seems like it wont get any attention. As for the actual releases, Hitohira is the only one that is slow or dropped, as there is nothing beyond the first episode. Everything else is doing well. So without any further delay of my useless ramblings, I shall present my opinions.

Hayate no Gotoku

This one isn’t really a big surprise that I like it, as I haven’t really seen any intelligent reasons or any reasons at all form people why its bad. It may not live up to the manga, but a show very rarely does, and even pretending for a minute that it didn’t come form a manga, this is a great series. The comedy it presents is very fun and fresh, using a lot of rather unique tactics such as breaking the fourth wall, and making references to several other anime, even very subtly. The humor is very nicely spread thought the episodes, and are made even better by the great characters. The only thing that I may want from this show that it won’t present, is a later on actual romance or at least the beginning of a relationship between Hayate and Nagi. Although it may have been presented at first as just a way to bring the characters together, I think it may be nice to see. However, that could just be because I’m a fan of romance in a lot of series, even if its not the main focus.


Kamichama Karin

This was a rather last minute decision to blog, but after seeing some screens form another post I saw how amazingly cute the characters were and decided to check it out. I don’t watch many Mahou Shoujo series, and wasn’t completely aware of what this show was going to be like when I started. However, it has turned out to be rather interesting and fun to watch. The plot isn’t anything epic, but I don’t think these Mahou Shoujo series really try and aim to e that. The characters are great, the main character Karin is fun and cute, but has her flaws that make her character all the more lovable. They haven’t really revealed any overall plot yet, but even without one I think that this show can just be fun to watch just because of the characters, which is what I think Mahou Shoujo series need to be about in order to be good.


Lucky Star

I still don’t get why it seems about half of the anime community absolutely despises this show and would rather rub dirt in their eyes then watch it, and the other praise it. I love it. I may not be quite on the very end of the spectrum as to worship the show, maybe worship Konota, but really I think the show is great. It is purely a comedy show, period. There is no attempt at character advancement or back-stories, or plot, or even dealing really with the events of school. It is just a random collection of scenes form the school setting, but I think it really works. People seem to really downgrade this show for being random and meaningless, but that’s what it’s trying to do. Every show doesn’t have to be a super in depth plot with multiple layered characters. I’ve given this rant before, so I wont go on much further except to just say I think the show is great. The random comedy really is pretty funny and all in all it’s just a fun show to watch, it doesn’t have to be series. Its entrainment, don’t analyze it too much, its FUN.


Idolmaster Xenoglossia

This show didn’t quite turn out as good as I had thought. At first there seemed to be a lot of buzz about the show, so I decided to check it out. The story seemed rather weird, but because it was popular I thought I should check it out. So far they haven’t really made much of that weird story that they set a basis to. All in all, the show is rather boring at this point, and I was hoping that they would be able to do a lot more with the show. I believe it is a longer series in the 20-episode range, so there is still some room to go, however right now they haven’t given much of a hint as to any deeper plot or even made things exciting. It still has plenty of room for that, but it looses some points because it’s slow to start and doesn’t drag me in really.



It’s hard to judge this show right now, as unlike the others shows I can’t go off five or so episodes, but only the first one that has been subbed. I thought it had some nice potential. I really didn’t get blown away by the first episode, and all in all it was a rather normal school comedy so on and so forth, but I rather like that genre a lot of times. Even with the subs I don’t think this would have been a blockbuster, but it was really bad, just a fun show to watch.


Nagasarete Airantou

This show is much better then I expected it to be. From the premise, it seemed like it was pretty much a slightly different Girls Bravo series, same basic idea of there really physically being hundreds of girls to one guy. However, this show has really raised much higher then that. Although, when you really look at it, its odd that its better just form the really basic things you look for in a show. Both series are comedy centered, with a main girl but no real focus on a serious relationship, and comedy coming from rather slapstick like situations, not being the kind of sophisticated humor you would see in a show like Hayate. However, the characters just seem to be so much better presented in this show, which I think is the main difference. Despite my wanting a lot of shows to have a romance story if there is even a hint of chemistry between characters, this show will turn out just fine by me if there isn’t too much advancement, because of the way they’ve presented it, its just great and I don’t think that the show, the way its going, will change from that path.


Nanoha StrikerS

This show may be a bit burdened with the success of the previous series, as people will always compare it to the others when judging how good of a show it is, when really it is very different. Although I still love both series, there really are so many differences in the why the series is just generally handled that makes it unfair to really compare. Sure the characters are the same, put with the switch to adult characters the plot really becomes more singularly focused. Before it was rather random, going after Jewel Seeds and so on, but now even if the plot isn’t fully developed and revealed, they have a more singular focus and not only that, but they are governed by the organization they are in. Things are more focused on some protocols, and being restricted and working around that. Even if this show does deal with individual relics, it’s still more of a focused story. So far, it has been a bit slow in getting there, and a tad boring but I think that the action scenes are wonderfully done and there is some potential in the characters, new and old. This really is an interesting show to try and judge, and the coming up episodes will really tell how well it will be, as for this show even with five episodes, its too early to tell.



I’ve seen a couple of people dismiss this show rather early, saying it’s boring. I have no idea what they are talking about, as this is one of my favorites this season. The pace picks up incredibly fast, and at only episode five it had me nervous and excited at what was happening. They’ve done a great job of mixing in supernatural things into the show, as the point isn’t the relationship and then having some weird thing on the side, they are tied in together. The supernatural aspects are an obstacle for the romance, but it’s also a story in and on its own. Plus, Matsuri is hot. (Sorry, I have to say it whenever I talk about sola) The animation is pretty good, there are a lot of really nice scenery I think this show is just great, it has a mixture of plot and action and at the same time that’s being used for romance story too, they aren’t separate like they are in some others.


The scores may seem high, but I’m not that picky of a person. Also, these are only the shows I decided to watch and blog, so I already weeded out some of the bad ones.

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