Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 12

Ayako deals with seeing Emel and Mamoru together, and Emel tries even harder to seduce Mamoru to steal him away from Ayako.


Woot! Finally they kissed! Wow, I didn’t’ really expect for them to kiss in this episode before watching it, but right when Ayako ran outside when there was a sunset I was hoping they would. This has been one of my favorite seasons, although burdened by a lack of fast fansubs. One of the reasons I like it so much is just because it has a good romance story going on, while many shows that have any romance or hint of relationship in them, don’t develop much at all, or will end the series with them kissing or confessing. It was great to see them take this step forward. I’ve been saying before for this series that they should step up the actual relationship advancement, because even though they were going out they didn’t really have any moments like this. Hell, even without the kiss this episode would have been great just for the moment they had together. I thought this was great, and I just hope that the advancement they made here will play a part in what’s to come more, hopefully it will actually show a change, if only slightly.

I was a bit surprised at how the first part of this episode, and really a majority of it played out. There were a couple of possibilities as to what would happen when Ayako say Emel and Mamoru together. Although she did kind f blow up in anger, I didn’t think she would show it in front of Mamoru, and she didn’t. However, what I thought would happen, her feeling really hurt by his actions, happened but along with the explosion of anger. The strange part is she seemed to understand almost because she said how Mamoru is too kind and such, and she seemed to realize it was Emel’s fault, yet at the end seemed to think Mamoru didn’t love her until he said it. It was all a bit strange, and the emotions were a bit hard to read but overall it had some good effects.

Emel’s playing a much bigger part in this show then I thought. At first, I had suspected that she would end up at their school and all, and I even expected that she would have a thing for Mamoru and perhaps try some things to get him, but I didn’t really think that because of her there would be any drama caused. I thought she would just play a harmless rival for Ayako. And even though there wasn’t really any hope for Emel winning or anything, she affected their relationship a lot more then I thought. Her part doesn’t look like it’s done either, as the arrival of her brother will change things a lot, and perhaps where her loyalties lie will play a part in the story.

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