Hayate no Gotoku – 06

Nagi nurses Hayate back to health when he returns to the mansion with a cold, after having been locked out in the cold with wet cloths by one of Nagi’s temper flares.


WHAT? Wataru is Nagi’s fiancé? Damnit, I wasn’t quite expecting something like this. I still want there to be a relationship eventually between Nagi and Hayate, so I hope that Wataru will be pushed out of the way. Or that it’s not really an official engagement or whatever. Although there isn’t really any relationship now, I think it would be great to see one and I would absolutely hate it if Wataru ended up with Nagi. Not that I think hew ill, it seems Nagi doesn’t like him and Wataru seems like a jerk who isn’t super in love with her either, so I just hope its called off or there isn’t that much hope for advancement between Hayate and Nagi. Nagi already likes Hayate, as proved by her trying to kiss him. Although Hayate still seems absolutely completely oblivious to it. Hopefully we will see some advancement from him on that part, but it can be hard to tell since his character is rather clueless and just nice all the time. Again, it may just be because whenever I see a hint of possibility for a relationship I want there to be a bit of romance development there, so I hope it goes for Nagi and Hayate. Wataru just puts a roadblock there that they better clear early.

Isumi is still super uber amazing of a character. Although she didn’t quite turn out to be much of a character that was actually involved in anything, she’s still great just for the little bit they’ve shown from her. Such as saying, “Don’t worry, I did get lost” when she thought Nagi’s problem was that she was wrong about her coming without being lost. I also loved when she said the kind things Hayate said about Nagi after the bad things and after she had already stormed off. It doesn’t really seem like the characters are going to get that much involvement, as Sakuya has already basically been shot to the side. Isumi too hasn’t’ had that big of a part, so right now it seems like they are going be handling all of the side characters rather minimally. Perhaps having them still always be around the mansion and only occasionally showing them, while not having them be a part of the main focus. Of course, Wataru will be involved since the next episode needs to deal with him and the relationship with Nagi exactly, but after that he may just get thrown to the side like Sakuya.

I’m also really wondering what the hell is with that girl they keep showing briefly, usually eating something. She seemed to be a girl from Hayate’s class, and a potential love rival but they haven’t even begun to hint at her having a part at the main series. I wonder if she ever actually will come in, and if she will play an important part.

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