.hack//G.U. Vol. 2 Arrival

Well it’s finally here. After waiting, the day for .hack//G.U. Vol. 2 has arrived. I skipped school in order to get it earlier, even though it probably doesn’t amount to that much time. Anyways, I am planning on staying up all night playing and will continually have posting that summarize events and my reactions and theories as they come to me, like I did for Rebirth. Since the game isn’t actually broken into chapters or anything, I’m just going to separate them where I think fits.

There are more pictures after the jump:

Haruhi approves of .hack

One thing I realized from the picture of Alkaid on the box, which I should have seen earlier because it snot a new picture. Alkaid won the Forest of Pain event too! The twin blades she has are the same ones Haseo pulled out of the rock, even though he wasn’t granted them. Alkaid must have been like Taihaku and gave a good enough answer to keep the weapon.

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  1. Hi, u say the game out today? awesome ill get my game tommorow when i get a change lol

  2. Well, no. I don’t really know that you needed a reply, didn’t ask anything. I did see that they named vol. 3 Redemption. Good guess, don’t think they actually named it because of you but it was nice guess.

  3. Alkaid didn’t fight in the forest of pain.

    The thing that Haseo pulled at the bottom level of forest of pain was just a “paddle” or switch you may call.

    Haseo didn’t gain any weapon but he gained his character’s third form in .hack roots cartoon.

    Alkaid’s twin blade is just some sort of unique items that she has or in the game.

    It has nothing related to forest of pain.

  4. I know Haseo got his 3rd form in the Forest of Pain, I never once said that he received the weapons Alkaid has. However he pulled out the exact same damn weapon that Alkaid uses if you actually look at what he pulls out, its not some random paddle. If Haseo had answered like Taihaku did, he would have just gotten those weapons and not his form. Taihaku actually keep the weapon proves that it was a weapon and not a switch. Pulling out the weapon did trigger the warp to Herald’s room, but it was still a weapon.

    Whether or not Alkaid got the weapon from wherever, it doesn’t change the fact that Haseo pulled out a weapon, the weapon that Alkaid defaultly uses. He didn’t keep it, but he still pulled it out.

    These pictures here and here show what he pulls out, andy ou can compare it to the picture of Alkaid on the back of the box I posted.

  5. Yes, you’re right. In Roots, apparently, the Twin Blade equivalent weapon looked just like Yowkow’s trademark swords…Most probably, because Haseo only had his Twin Blade form unlocked at that time. Ah, well- I’ll take a Third Form Multiweapon over a pair of AIDA blades, anyway. ^_^

  6. do you know that hack vol 3 is the final episode? is that true? because, when i finished the game they said hack vol 3 is the final episode. i can’t believe it

  7. It’s the final G.U. for sure, and I think its one of the final .hack installments. There may be more, but if there is I’d guess they would go in the middle of the timeline.

  8. Yeah, didn’t MoMo say something about them making an online version for PS3 or something like that?

    *note that this is completely unrelated*
    After i did the whole find Kazubolo thing in vol.2, he gave me a secret password “Nurse Carnival”. Do any of you know what it does? Is it something for vol.3?

  9. Apparently “Nurse Carnival” was for a contest in Japan. At least that’s what I gathered from some other forums.

  10. Aw… I just finished the Kazubolo mini-quest thing and I was hoping it unlocked a background or an event or something…

    **By the way, I’m new to these boards so hello ^.^**

  11. Dark Winged Angel: Hello, wahts up?
    btw, the miniquest DOES unlock a background, not a very good looking one though..

    Passerby: Um, if was only for something in Japan, why wouldn’t they have taken it out. Look, if they can change Hidden Forbidden Waterfall to Hidden Forbidden Radiation, then they can take out a word.

  12. Well, even though it was something for Japan, that doesn’t mean that they can’t make it something for us. In the next game they’ll probably give you some weapon or somethign for finding the secret word. I could be wrong, so if you do indeed find something else it’s for, please inform me.

  13. im trying to figure out wat item u need for hidden forbiden radiation plz tell me if any of u find out

  14. Maybe it’ll unlock something kinda ‘H’ like the bonus hotsprings vid on the (then final)fourth game in the original series. I just figure that something given to you by Salvador Aihara would be perverted… besides, “Nurse Carnival?” Come on; That SCREAM’S perversion.

  15. maybe it may change in Vol.3 if they add a bonus, say: new obtainable Member Adresses.

    I am hoping that Kazubolo could be one of the bonus characters.


    his lines during combat ought to be whacky.

    oh, and to iceflamez: you just need to look at the Lost Ground Megathred on the rumors fourm to get the keywords for Arche Koeln.

    It is also the same place to get the keywords for Indieglut Lugh after beating Gorre.

    and now a fun fact: the Bayonete that Taihaku obtained during the Forest of Pain event is called: Maxwell.

  16. HEy,The weapon that alkaid uses is SIMILAR.She uses dijorie hachet.ITs A mirror image of the weapons haseo had found at forest of pain but lower level.

    the only two other weapons with that look are the HoneySuckle which is in the game,and the blades haseo found,also in the game.Check out .hack wikia for more info,its in alkaids extra information section on her.They tell all 3 names.PS,giving alkaid honeysuckle is a GREAT IDEA when you get them.she sues em in combos galore!

  17. Haseo does use weapons like Alkaid’s, called Lit Honeysuckle.
    It looks just like her’s.

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