Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 10

When a renovation accident happens and destroys the Student Council room, Manabi and crew have to try and renovate the old dormitory for their new office.


I thought this episode was very fun and rather touching to watch. I started to get a bit discouraged myself when I saw that no one in the show would help just to sign damn petition. It wasn’t so much of being disappointed with the show, but this show has really pulled me into it so much that I was sad for the characters that they couldn’t get anything going. I’m glad that they were able to get the signatures, but beyond that it was just fun and touching to see them all working that way. Not to mention it was just kind of neat to see the renovation of the building, because just the small flashbacks the principal had made me feel kind of sad that all the changes that have taken place, and its like they are getting in touch with what is really important, which is very cool to see. This show all together throughout has done a great job of being very funny, but also at the same time addressing issues that really can apply to a lot of life, and the way they put them is just fun to watch.

Although the school festival problem is solved already, the biggest point of interest for me for this show is still the whole merging of the schools altogether. I mean, they spent all this time dealing with the festival, which was a bit interesting but at the same time there was a much bigger problem going on that they didn’t even address hardly. I mean they made it clear that it was happening, but they didn’t talk about any plans to try and stop the merger or what they could do, just the festival. While it may be interesting to see the festival, with so few episodes remaining the overall merging of the schools is what’s important. If they actually have a couple of episodes showing the festival, they won’t have much time to deal with the merger. Which seems a bit too bad because if the schools actually do merge, it seems like it would be very anti climactic. All of this work for the pride of Seioh, and then the schools go and get merged anyways. Hell, with the demolition, this entire episode would be for nothing later on after the schools merge because it sounded like the building would be torn down. I just hope they still deal with the problem of merging altogether because I think that one of the things they’ve stressed the most is pride in the school, and if the schools merge a lot of the shows focus will be for nothing.

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  1. Pride in the schools…. I never saw it that way but that’s interesting to point out. I think it’s easy to get carried along by the pace of the episodes? I guess I’ll not spoil :3

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